Share your games writing/criticism!


I wrote about some of the games I played at EGX Rezzed this weekend. Out of all them Onrush excited me the most. I’m not normally into arcade racers but this one seems to be doing something interesting with the genre.


Really enjoyed your piece on Microhistories @Seva , its interesting how the Console - PC divide can inform so much.


@Dyfrig I really like what you’ve done here and it’s something I have done personally before in GTAV. Maybe will have to make a similar blog post about that at some point :thinking:


Thanks mate.
Im also massively excited for swoords of ditto so it was nice seeing it get a mention in your piece. If you dont mind me asking how was the co op ?


I think it’s good. Not necessary for gameplay at all I believe, but it’s the type of game which would be fun to hop into with a friend. Especially given its short game loop. You don’t have to have much time invested to get it so it would be easy for someone new to enjoy.


That’s perfect, Just what I was hoping for. Nice one mate


Short piece I wrote on a match three shump.

Yes, you read that right.

EDIT: And I released a new IndieCent! We talked about Spec Ops: The Line. Also, Teeth.


Here’s my latest video about writing, storytelling and narrative design in video games:

As always, I’m aiming to approaches to writing without it being advice or “do this, not that” since I don’t find anything else talking about writing video games in this way. But am I actually doing that? Are my points clear? Do my videos help at all? Any feedback would be welcome.

The rest of the series can be found here: The Writing Game


I love your writing style!


Thank you! :smiley:


I have finally played more itch games (I’m looking at you @Glorgu) (didn’t want to post in your thread cause it felt too much like self promotion) and continued my Exploring Itch series with the second instalment. Now that it has a second installment, I can definitely get away with calling it a series, yes, definitely.

I am using this as a way to experiment with my writing a bit more, be a bit more creative and bend stuff around, would love to hear some feedback - specifically if this actually feels more experimental or I am just re-using a bunch of writing tropes that I may not be consciously aware of because I’ve never done creative writing?


Oh hey, this rules! I feel bad I hadn’t seen this before, but thank you for directing me to it! I think where it is best is when you’re digging into what you felt as you played. I think the one thing I’d look out for (and I do this too) is when to use italics. I only notice because I fuck this up a ton myself, but sometimes a word doesn’t need to be emphasized and doing so only takes the reader out of the writing. This wasn’t an issue in the second episode, but it did make me pause in a few places in the first episode. Otherwise, I’m digging it :blush:


Oh thanks a lot! That’s a good point about the italics thing, I guess I tend to try and micromanage the reading experience… It actually makes sense given my personality. This is real good advice!!!