Share your games writing/criticism!


Did you play “Rise and Shine” last year? It had a lot of the same problems and I kept thinking about it while watching your video (which was excellent as usual)


I didn’t! mostly because it gave me a lot of the same feelings. from what I saw of it Rise and Shine integrates that stuff better but also falls into all the same traps as far as not doing anything meaningful with them.


I’m unsure how this fits between writing and criticism, but, here I answer the immortal question: What if Mark Zuckerberg played basketball?


New article on ROM sites doing all the heavy lifting in preserving video games


a nice write up! that’s something i’ve been thinking about a lot as well.

worth thinking about especially now, as laws become much more strict and give more controls to companies, it’s actually become a lot harder to find ways to pirate games. Nintendo games in particular have received a lot of copyright claims on ROM sites, making those a lot harder to find now without going to more shady places. that’s despite them apparently using that same service.


Something similar happens with PC games as well. Some digital re-releases of older titles with disc-based copy protection just ship with a crack from a piracy group, uncredited of course. Either the source was lost or the publisher just didn’t want to bother with a new build.


a video on the new God of War and if it manages to do anything effective with the fact that it’s shot in one take:


I’m giving people a couple weeks to write, but I know a bunch of people are doing things about the “one take” thing and I want to do a kind of meta-criticism of the stakes that all of the critics have identified as it relates to “one take discourse.”


Oh boy. I wrote a 3,000 word love letter to The Long Dark and was in my feelings for the entire piece.


Blog version of my giant KOTOR piece is up!


my first official entry in a monthly column for Rock Paper Shotgun on overlooked modern games.
This one is on Chronicles of Teddy, which combines Zelda 2 style platforming with a Loom style magic system that turns musical notes into a language to cast spells and have conversations.

Here’s my previous entries before the column was formally named:


Good piece on Chronicles of Teddy.

I couldn’t get into it myself, partly because the musical language puzzles just weren’t enjoyable. I liked that the first game made it more straight forward with a letter for letter alphabet note system, which works better for me, the man who is too busy with other things. Also did not like how Chronicles used those songs in a lot of places, especially the ice world boss. Do not even get me started on that horsecrap.


Here’s my latest about writing for video games, this episode’s topic: Quests. Most notably what fetch quests can be good for.


made a video about how this kids’ game has a more coherent understanding of resistance than most big “political” games out there right now


de Blob series is criminally underrated and indeed most woke.


It’s been two months since I wrote anything about games but I tried to write something about god of war, dads, and masculinity. I posted this in the game specific chat but I thought I might leave it here too. Lots of spoilers obviously.

Also @siegarettes your discussion of the one-er is spot-on, it rocks.


I didn’t expect Gentrification to come up in a game like this but damn


I’m not sure if you’ve heard about this but BattleTech is a good game (yes, I decided not enough people had already outlined why this game is GotY material).


I was already excited about Battletech being my first dive into that universe but this has cemented that feeling. I can’t wait


That Even the Ocean article was splendid. It was one of my favourite games of 2016 and it’s great to see it get attention.