Share your games writing/criticism!


I found a point and click where the constant deaths are apart of the mechanics and it’s pretty neat

Also content warning for all the things


I’ve struggled to come up with a good way to put all my Golf Story thoughts out there and I hope this is effective!


I write for a lil website called Sprites and Dice. We generally like to focus on the positives in gaming, but I recently wrote an article about how I see similarities between the father/son relationship in God of War and my own relationship with my father. All that work can be seen right over here if anyone’s interested!


These are a collection of facts… about… the Kong… whom we all know and love


imitation Morgan Freeman voice

True facts… about the Kong.


I’m gonna do a retrospective of Wadjet Eye Games! Did a little intro video with some background info.


I just subscribed to you because I love Wadjet Eye and I’m excited to see where you go with this series!


Thanks! I’ve been a huge fan of theirs ever since I played Resonance, which rocked my socks off once I hit the big twist.


And here’s my look at The Shivah! Was surprised by just how much was going on in this one.


And here’s the Blackwell Legacy video!


Blackwell Unbound!


I don’t know if this should go here, but I wrote some things about Annihilation and I cried writing them, so I hope they do you some good!


And here’s Emerald City Confidential!

This was a weird one, to put it lightly.


It’s that time again, another episode of The Writing Game is now live:

You can also find the podcast on iTunes.

Or read the entire transcript of the episode at Third Culture Kids.


I finally got to Blackwell Convergence!

I also released a new episode of IndieCent! Now with 20% more Communism.


finally got this out of my system and wrote about God it War’s incoherent combat and everything it fails to say


I’m glad that you made a video about The Shivah. It’s one of my favorite games, and it’s criminally underdiscussed.


You think that’s under discussed? My next video is on Puzzle Bots, a game I am certain nobody remembers existing!


i think about that game more than you’d think. i never finished it. i liked the robots and puzzles and REALLY didnt like the character art


I finished and got a third of the way through a second run of Randal’s Monday so I’m kind of immune to awful character designs now