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a short piece of fiction based on STALKER


Time and again I hear game devs and others (in different mediums) say that writers are unnecessary. That everything can and should be procedurally generated, or created in the spur of the moment. That “games don’t need stories”. Well I made a video to refute that claim, because spoilers every medium needs storytellers, especially games. You can find the episode on Youtube:

Or on iTunes:

Alternatively you can read the full transcript here:


Got to the last Blackwell game in my retrospective!

No spoilers in this one, even side stepped spoilers for the earlier games.


Did not expect to be drawn into The Division for anything other than the numbers and the guns. The story and politics of The Division are actively harmful, but I could not help but get drawn to my player character. Her silence and meticulous ruthlessness somehow resonated with me. So I kinda wrote about our experience:


hey ya’ll, happy to see a thread for this sort of thing.

i write about Japanese RPGs and also host a podcast about the genre. it’s tough to stay consistent but i’m trying to be better.

anyway, here’s a recent piece of mine about the ‘meaning of JRPG’


I wrote for Rock Paper Shotgun about how Sonic Racing Transformed is one of the best arcade racers in the last decade and how y’all are sleeping on it!

Just in time for that announcement of the next Sonic racing…


New Wadjet Eye video!

I ended up going on a long tangent about the Alamo but there’s a point to it.


I decided to do something a little more stream of consciousness compared to my last video essays/journals. This next Sims video is a mix of things and thoughts on the original 2000 game.


I’ve just written about no thing, a low price Switch game that’s been overtaking me.


This is the first time that I’ve ever written a preview for a game - not sure if my work here is actually good, but I think the game itself is definitely worthy of some attention, especially if you love 3D puzzle games like Ilomilo or Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Please check it out!

ALSO: I’ve also got a related tweet thread with some GIFs and some opinions about previews in gaming journalism as a whole. Summary: I think previews are pretty bad as a whole, but I was happy to write one for Etherborn and I’d like to see more outlets steer their preview coverage toward smaller/indie projects.


I wrote about Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition and my love of the “podcast game”


I don’t do much writing, but I recently made a video looking at the role of mothers in video games.


Here’s yet another episode of The Writing Game. This time it’s all about finding the themes then strengthening and supporting them during game development.


I took a look at the PC FPS Chaser, and how it’s mediocre handling of the story and gameplay makes for a cold game. Feedback would be appreciated!


My goodness, everyone’s putting out great vids! Wow! Perfect time for me to drop my most recent video in here, a sort of personal/historical retrospective on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater


Still alive, despite Pillars of Eternity’s best attempts to make this not so.

Here’s a detour video in my Wadjet Eye Retrospective on the Ben Chandler backed Charnel House Trilogy!

Also Jim Sterling is in it and he wants the worms to stop eating his eyes.


New IndieCent! Now in HD (or will be once youtube is done doing whatever it does).

I highly suggest going to the description time codes because we ended up rambling for an hour about E3 and games we’ve been playing before getting to the main discussion. I’m using a timer and giving everyone seven minutes from now on because this cannot continue.

This episode, we played and talked about Tokyo Dark, a visual novel/point and click horror game from a Japan based studio made up of foreigners.


I had a piece of writing published over on First Person Scholar today and just wanted to share! (CW for anxiety/depression)


In time for Big Boy Season, aka the Waypoint Community Game Jam, I’ve released a new episode of The Writing Game specifically about writing for video games. This episode is about what to do, include and consider when writing for a game. This may be particularly apt for anyone working on a team and writing.


for Rock Paper Shotgun I wrote about Nioh, it’s breathtaking combat, and the unique ways it tells the stories of its suffering underclass and avoids the pitfalls of the white man in Asia trope

honestly Nioh is the most refreshing thing to come to the genre and it’s telling that it mostly got glossed over for not being exactly Dark Souls