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Since quitting Fandom, I figured I should try writing something entirely unlike what they wanted: long, full of first person pronouns, and with unnecessary and gratuitous curse words. Here’s like 2700 words on the last two big Mario games and why 3D World is the better game.


New IndieCent over the Sonic Adventure series, aka furry JoJo

Please don’t stop listening after you hear the opening song


I wrote a bit about Cities: Skyline and a history of gentrification in urban planning


did a video about a little fempop vaporwave gem


Small commission piece I did about the design of Mighty Switch Force and how it teaches you to play without words.


Took a bit of a break from writing/reading, so much cool stuff accumulated in this thread, y’all are awesome!

Anyways, you ever thought that God of War coverage was missing a little je ne sais quoi, perhaps a bunch of references to French rap? I got you.


I reviewed Wadjet Eye Games’ newest release and Dave Gilbert’s first directed game in four years, Unavowed!

Absolute must play for any point and click fan, or just anyone with a passing interest in the genre. Or just anyone in general, really.


The latest episode of my youtube/podcast series The Writing Game is out. And this episode is all about how time and progression affect narrative. It’s coincidental that this came out the same day the Waypoint crew were talking about earned redemption in Star Wars as I mention many of the same points regarding Vader and others. But my main focus is on how gameplay loops and mechanics, progression systems and the amount of time put into games limits what’s possible in the narrative.

As always the episode can be found here:

And the podcast version here:


The attempted avoidance of “politics” in much of games journalism post-GG is misguided to me, but it’s also actively harmful in that it helps foster reactionary politics. Because pretending that anything can be absent of politics is at least adjacent to the reactionary idea of “art for arts sake”. Refusal to address the status quo in anyway is just being complicit in it.


put up another series of small videos. i won’t like to all of them but here’s a few to get started, including one on my favorite walking sim since Proteus:

and a Warioware-esque game where you break up with everyone in school:


“Most Final Fantasy-style JRPGs are about Heroes, but Octopath Traveler is different – it’s mostly just about heroes.”

My review of Octopath Traveler:

Octopath Traveler review: A tapestry of many small threads


New IndieCent!

TW: Discussion of child abuse, alcoholism

We discuss Papo & Yo, a 2012 puzzle platformer about surviving and dealing with an abusive parent. Also I found an Alex Jones soundboard app and I did indeed use it. A lot.


This game about a parallel world where forgotten objects gain consciousness is really cool and I hope more people play it, so I wrote about the ways it explores totalitarianism, resistance and violence (and yes I know the name is… well it is what it is).


Episode 15 of The Writing Game is live. And all about Playing with Intent1

The podcast version is on iTunes and can now be found on Spotfiy!


It’s time once again for me to write a lot about Sonic fan games being shown at SAGE, and just like the last year I responded I’ll just be updating this post right here rather than filling this thread full of seven different replies. There’s a lot of games this year, more than double what was available last year, so I have a pretty hefty workload ahead of me.
Games talked about: Polyroll, Sonic J, Sonic Pursuit, Sonic Special Runner, Sonic the Hedgehog the Homesaver, Lake’s Sonic Worlds Resources, Sonic NEXT, Super Mario Flashback, Sonic Runners Reloaded, Sonic Explorers, Kirby Gamble Galaxy Stories, Sonic Frost
Games talked about: Sonic Adventure Blast, Planet Oio, Sonic Chaos, Sonic Advance Revamped, Petit Hedgehog, Crash N. Tense Adventure, Sonic 3DEye, Dash Cats, Sonic Pangoture, Sonic Z-treme, Among the Others, Sonic: Battle for Station Square
Games talked about: Kyle & Lucy, Lloyd the Monkey 2, Sonic All-Stars, LampMan, Petrichor, Blockoverse - Legend of the Pix, Kirby’s Dream Land Plus, Sonic Fever, Sonic Journey, Sonic Recharged, Sonic Dash Remastered 3, Unoriginal Space Shooter
Games talked about: Sonic AGES, Sonic Project S, Grand Dad Mania Revived, JohnGagzProject, Knuckles Burrow Trouble, Sonic 1 8-bit Redux, Sonic – Dream Plant, Sonic & Tails, Sonic Mania Heroes, Sonic Battle R, Sonic Skies, Sonic the Hackable
Games talked about: Sonic Islands, Sonic 3 - Angel Island Revisited, Sonic.exe, Lumiva Legacy, Bingo the Multiva, Sonic On Rush, Cross Battle Fever, Sonic Limitless, Shantae and Asha: Dream Fantasia, Sonic Adventure SX, Sonic Regress, Space Kahuna, Super Universe Brawl, Super Clash Force
Games talked about: Cosmic Eternity, Super Mario Kart in Sonic Mania, Sonic Mania & Sonic Plus, Sonic Metal Adventure, Rocket Brown 2, Sonic Liquid Survival, Cosmic Boll, Hyper’s Quest 2, Sonic Alpha, Sonic Battle of Chaos MUGEN The Final Battle, Sonic and the Mayhem Master, Sonic Adventure Revolution
Games talked about: Sonic Eternal, Sonic & Knuckles: Key Hunters, Mega Man Adventure, Sonic Warrior, Super Glovekid, Project Ma, Poyo Poyo Sonic, Colorful Encore, Sonic Discovery, The Misfits Pack, Sonic Saga, Sonic the New Adventure, Dream Dasher, Sonic Smash Revived


started a series called Hey, What’s This? where I do quick look style videos with friends on games that slip under the radar:

the first two are a bullet hell fencing game and a wonderboy/zelda 2 style platformer


Hey, I just wrote a short personal piece reflecting on what Metroid Prime means to me.


This isn’t directly games writing, per se, but it is very much is about the way people consume artistic work.

I’ve been doing a podcast called CoatlCast. It is a recap podcast for a prestige genre TV series that doesn’t exist. There is a lightly hinted at meta-narrative, but one of the main things we’ve ended up doing with the podcast is using it as a vehicle to talk about other media, and what it means to navigate fandom of a thing, and that thing’s place among other fandoms. It is very much about how we consume games, TV shows, and films in ways that are both healthy and unhealthy.

If this sort of criticism by way of heady absurdity appeals to you, I’d love for you to check the podcast out. It is on the podcast apps and exists in the podcast places.


Maybe it’s a little early for this, but I made a video on my experience playing La-Mulana 2 without any guides. I did the same with La-Mulana 1 but my time with LM2 was much easier although it wasn’t a pushover. Careful now, this video is spoiler heavy!


The Messenger frustrates the hell out of me