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Earlier this summer, my partner and I played through a game together that really caught me off guard. I have major depression and anxiety, and one of the hardest things about mental health is the difficulty in expressing what you are going through to others. “Life is Strange” helped me externalize things I was only feeling internally, and that went a long way in aiding my recovery.

I’ve written a ton of stuff over the years, but this was particularly challenging. It was hard for me to bring these emotions out and cultivate them over months until I was satisfied with this piece. But that challenge is also why I am so proud of myself for pushing through it.

Hope you enjoy reading! :heart:


New IndieCent! This time, we talked about Hiveswap, and by extension Homestuck, and Elmo told us about the time he discovered his coworkers were making MSPaint drawings of him naked.


New entry in my Wadjet Eye Retrospective! I talk about Ben Chandler’s and Francisco Gonzalez’s Shardlight in the longest episode yet! This might be my favorite episode so far, it’s the first time I can watch a video I made and think the editing isn’t complete trash!


I wrote a little bit about Spider-man games in general and a problem they all bring on themselves trying to adapt the character with a limited gameplay vocabulary


My Lamplight City review is now up!


I ended up making the next episode of my Wadjet Eye Retrospective way faster than expected. Detour episode over Kathy Rain, a game they did VO work for.


I adapted a piece I wrote back in June on a cheap, 2 dollar switch game that made a surprisingly profound impact on me. I tried to fit this video into the spirit and feel of the game itself


For the latest episode of The Writing Game I did something different. I looked at the Causes of Conflict from a peace and conflict studies perspective and how that relates to the conflict we see and experience in stories. You can see the latest episode here:

The full transcript can be found here: