Share your games writing/criticism!


I’ve been a huge Wadjet Eye fan for a while, so I’ll have to look at this series more closely!


Apologies for calling Rosa “Rose” for a few episodes in the Blackwell videos.

It’s around the Charnel House detour episode that I feel like my videos have passable editing, but I’d suggest watching them all anyways because some of the games I’ve covered just seem completely forgotten.


So I finally wrote something else, any feedback would be much appreciated. I focused on labour conditions and asked what we as the players can do to assist, using Forza as a frame.


Just wanted to quickly say I’ve been watching a few of these videos and really enjoyed them. Only suggestion is that your voice was a bit louder. :slight_smile:

But you have singlehandedly inspired me to dive back into where I left off in Wadjet’s catalog, so I’ll be nabbing a copy of Shardlight ASAP.


I haven’t had time to write much recently, but here’s a couple people here might like:

Valiant Hearts, The Great War, and the Shaping of Historical Memory:

Oxenfree, Memory, and Public History:


I’ll try increasing the recording volume. My mic isn’t exactly great so I’m a little worried making the audio too loud will result in worse quality audio.

Anyways, planning to do the Unavowed finale for the 31st, have the game footage captured. After that, I plan to try looking at stuff from Daedalic and get a longer video project based around a VN/RPG from Winter Wolves called Loren the Amazon Princess done (I’ve already started but I have four playthroughs to finish so lol).






This week on The Writing Game it’s all about sequels and what that means as a writer and designer! We examine the pitfalls and options to anyone creating a sequel to a game. The episode can be found on YouTube:

The podcast version can be found on all your favorite providers: iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, ACast, etc.


New IndieCent!

This time, we looked at two games made by a Russian electronic composer and game designer named Sasha Darko, who was born in a radioactive city. And yes, both games are very, very strange.

Apologies for Tama’s audio, I had him record at max mic volume for the recording and this backfired massively. The Halloween episode is thankfully audio problems free.


I did a piece for Deorbital about SUDA 51’s The 25th Ward. Pretty proud of it.




The Halloween IndieCent is up! Myself, Elmo, and Joe from the Alan Wake episode last year played The Suffering games! Please listen to this episode or it will have turned out that you murdered your wife.

EDIT: Also released a new video! New series is over the Aravorn fantasy games by Winter Wolves, who you may know for Loren the Amazon Princess. For the first episode, I look at an earlier, more modest effort with Spirited Heart, a dating sim/raising sim.


It’s been a long dang time since I had something to share in this thread, but I had a piece on game dev labor heck and how play mirrors it published last week - it feels real good to be writing again!


Did a video of game recommendations, inspired by Extra Credits. Focused on Adventure games this time, and like Extra Credits, the aim is to spotlight interesting stuff, not just “good” stuff.

Some of these games are genuinely great and others less so, but they’re all kind of fascinating.


With this Sonic Mania Plus review, I’m one step closer to fulfilling the promises I made like a year and a half ago regarding putting video reviews out for Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces


I released the latest episode of The Writing Game on Friday. This one is all about The Narrative Struggle - or what writers and narrative designers are doing beyond just putting words on a page.


G’day friends,

TL;DR: I’ve been creating short video reviews for the Humble Original games that get packed into the Humble Monthly Bundle every month.

These are often small, unique, experimental games that Humble commissions Indie studios to develop as a little something extra for their subscription bundle service. Some of these games eventually get a full release on Steam or through another distributor, others become unique, one-off relics of history that can only be acquired by subscribing to the Humble monthly subscription service.

Here’s the most recent one: Vape Escape, by Gamechuck. A short point-and-click adventure set in the future where you play as an escaped ape aboard a transport ship shuttling a shipment of apes that are to be used as a cognitive-enhancing vape juice. Yep.

I started doing these reviews as a way to practise my writing and video editing skills, however discussing these fun little games with their creators on Twitter has become one of the highlights of every month for me. This whole thing has really given me a strong sense of appreciation for the hard working and immensely creative indie game studios out there that are following their passion in the best way possible.

All of these games have something unique to offer and there’s only been one or two that I’ve been dissatisfied with. These are a few of my faves (copied from a previous comment of mine):

Tailwind - really cool, fast paced arcade shoot-em-up type game. Looks great and is quite unique and fun.

Battlesloths - Fun and silly multiplayer deathmatch dual stick shooter, requires multiplayer though.

Cat Girl Without Salad - Funny, silly, inventive side scrolling arcade shooter made by the Shantae devs.

Disc Room - tense little arcade game with an awesome soundtrack. Will get the heart racing!

Fidel - great little puzzle game. Extra points for adorable pupper.

Tiny Ehco - Awesome point and click adventure game with a weird, haunting atmosphere. Another fave of mine.

Volantia - A great strategy/city builder game. Rather fully featured too.

Getting Over it with Bennett Foddy - Follow up to QWOP. Hilariously difficult game that took the world by storm, but started out as a Humble Original

Drawkanoid - Hyper intense version of Arkanoid. Very cool.

Knight Club - High quality 2d platformer brawler. Requires multiplayer too though.

I know it’s rather uncouth for my first comment in these forums to be a self-promoting post, and for that I feel slightly ashamed of myself. But I have been a lurker in these forums since its inception and really appreciate the community here - the gang’s mention of this thread on the most recent podcast finally inspired me to post my work here after I’ve been struggling to make time to actually produce these videos lately. I would love any feedback you can provide if you have a spare minute. Wow that was a lot of text that I wasn’t expecting to write.

Thanks for reading!


This started as a “short” Steam review that eventually grew so big I figured I could flesh it out even further and turn it in to a full-size review on my personal game criticism website. It’s for GRIP, a spiritual successor to Rollcage that I’ve owned since it entered early access over two years ago.


A little late posting this, since it was for Halloween, but here’s a review of Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines that looks at why I think it’s just a good RPG, along with some of it’s issues (both in game and development).


I reeeeally stepped out of a comfort zone with this little piece.