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I haven’t been consistent about promoting myself and videos here, so here’s a round up of the 50!!! videos I’m made since this time last year


New IndieCent!

Danni is back with us as we look at The Return of the Obra Dinn! Also Tama’s audio isn’t a complete disaster anymore!


Did a new game recommendations video, no unified theme this time, just whatever I felt like mentioning.


Did you know that the latest Warframe update is about a mining colony of indentured workers, and that there is a whole quest line where the player goes to town on their shitty boss and helps them organise?

I couldn’t not write about this, especially given that I’ve got like 600 hours in that game.

Let me know what y’all think!


@Seva ok it looks like I need to play Warframe, I played an hour or two when it first released on xbox but I might have to dive back in. How easy is it to dive in? Have I missed the boat?


It’s… not easy, but it’s worth it IMO. People have been sharing tips recently on the warframe thread here. This piece wasn’t the place for me to go into it, but Warframe has a lot of grinding and farming - everything can be obtained for free, and you can trade for platinum, the premium currency, in game to buy the cosmetics that are only available for platinum, but that means lots of grinding. The upside is that the gameplay is so much fun that time flies by if you’re setting yourself achievable goals.

If you really want to get into it then lean on the warframe wiki, youtube and the community. I’m always happy to help as well :slight_smile:


Hello, I wrote about that new Valve game Artifact and it’s uh, interesting…??? monetisation???


Nice one, I pushed the download to my xbox from work so I might have to jump in later


Spot on, the only thing I thought about while watching the GB quick look was how rotten that monetisation seemed. They are either somewhat out of touch with how other ccgs do it, or arrogant in their thinking that fans would pay up just because it’s a Valve/Dota game.


I wrote something about Sunset Overdrive and its unique fantasy of being a snarky person of online but in the post-apocalypse. I know people are just getting into this game because of the PC release so let me know how you feel about this piece and the game generally!


This is really good, and (having not really seen much of this game) I think your central conclusion about the game being a mix of edginess without going into edgelordness and its hopeful and open nature makes a lot of sense, and is actually quite interesting to think about. Thanks for sharing!


It’s just weird playing a game in 2018 where the ultimate message is “the world would be better if online was the real life and we could all be that version of ourselves.” That’s happening, and it’s terrible.


Great piece, I only managed to get half way through when it released before I gave up and moved on but im getting the urge to give it another shot because of your article.


Sunset Overdrive’s world isn’t better though. 99% of everyone is an energy drink mutant. It’s a post-apocalypse fantasy but the apocalypse still has to happen for it to come about. Hell, in the end the heroes save themselves at the cost of the entire planet. If Fizzco had blown up the city that would have been the end of it, now the energy drink is automatically being distributed to the rest of the world so there goes humanity. There’s nothing aspirational about the story because so much terrible stuff has to happen before it even gets to that point. I don’t think it’s trying to send any sort of message because there’s nothing remotely realistic about it. The weird quirks of each of the subgroups often holds them back from succeeding without the player’s help, where they would actually be more effective if they weren’t larping or being a cheerleader ninja or whatever.


Yeah I think the game steps on itself in order to set up a sequel and a world. The finale though is very much a come-together moment for all the disparate groups, and even if they do elect to save themselves it’s because they love each other so dang much now. There’s no commentary there. It’s just a reiteration of the game’s constant message that your weird online or hobby persona should occupy the centre of your being for the world to be a better place.


I know everything is all hip and happening online these days but would any folks be interested in writing for a journal that only comes out twice a year?

I recently (okay maybe it was a year or two ago) started editing this journal called Dead Reckonings that’s focused on weird and horror across genres and I would really like to start incorporating games into our issues because I think games present a very cool and unique way of fiddling, blending, and breaking genres. I finished Night in the Woods on Friday and have been thinking a lot about how it does what it does in the fourth act without really tipping its hand before; it introduces elements of weird fiction and cosmicism but manages to disguise those elements initially because of the way the game is structured/played (or maybe I was a very obtuse player). That’s not the most intelligent way to put it and that’s part of the problem, I have a terrible lexicon when it comes to discussing games in some ways. If that seems at all of interest, please feel free to message me on this forum or shoot me an email at

If such a post is considered spam or shameless promotion, mods let me know and I’ll delete it (also I am sorry).


I wrote something about why I don’t like Gwent anymore and also about writing things you don’t like:


I’m that onionie emailer. My writing is usually fairly short and humorous if you wanna give me a follow.


I just released the latest episode of The Writing Game. It’s all about the lessons we can learn from comic books when it comes to game writing.

You can also find the podcast version wherever you like to get them - iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, etc.


More game recommendations, this time Christmas themed!

Also started an LP channel. Not really writing related but I wanted to mention it.