Share your games writing/criticism!


I’m trying to build up the courage to actually share the things I write, instead of just throwing them out into the ether…!

I wrote this a month ago, but it’s an interpretation of the song structure in Deltarune’s battle theme and how it matches the game’s story:


This is really cool, I’m sure they must exist somewhere but the criticism space really needs more voices that can deconstruct music like that!


I wrote about The Missing this week, and I implore people to play it.

I would love it if someone who knows more about the history of game criticism than me told me whether or not the central argument that I am making is somewhat dated? That indie clunkiness should be celebrated in the face of AAA polish? As I was writing it I had this feeling that it might be somewhat redundant, although I don’t regret using it as an angle to write about The Missing.


Fantastic piece again, I cant wait to play The Missing, I just have such a backlog and so little time these days. But with the Christmas break (and hopefully sale) I might be able to justify it.

The argument you made here was the same I made when calling the original State of Decay my game of the year to my friends. Sure it was janky and full of bugs and graphical issues, but it had something special that you had to play to experience.


Wrote a ton about The Missing, which is easily my favorite game from this year. Spoilers for the whole game and content warnings for graphic violence, transphobia, and suicide.

Also that’s a great piece and angle to hit @Seva! I’ve been personally frustrated with the lack of coverage for The Missing considering it does things that no big budget game would dare attempt, and I consider it a genuinely important game.


Wanted to share this HG101 piece I did on Strife, an RPG/Shooter from 1996 made in the DOOM engine I suspect most people wouldn’t know exist if not for the Ross’s Game Dungeon episode on it.

It’s a really interesting piece of gaming history.


[strong bad voice] IT’S OVER!!!


I posted about Sonic Lost World PC in the “what you’ve been playing” thread but my post was growing too big for that, necessitating I trim it down.

But I still had all this text written, so I threw it up on Steam as a user review, given I already did a “formal” video review for the Wii U version years ago.

So basically this is a much longer version of what I wrote in the other thread


Hey y’all!
I wrote this article on The Missing: JJ Macfield and the Island of Memories, with the help of some lovely folks from these very forums. Thanks to @Emily and @Geminiking3 for talking to me!


I actually made this back in November but I never posted it in here.
I’ve been spending some time making a buffer of small reviews of smaller games that I think people might have missed out on, then played The Shapeshifting Detective and felt that I needed to ignore that buffer and just review it right away because of how much I enjoyed it.

And now I sink back into my GOTY video hole. My podcast does our GOTY stuff mid January just because it’s logistically easier for us, it gets less clicks but we are only doing it for fun anyway!


I wrote about Advance Wars and it’s lighthearted approach to war. And the dissonance that creates in the story.


I’ve finally worked out what my opinions on Super Mega Baseball 2 are and they’re messy but I think I come to a solid conclusion with this vid


trying to do writing about games this year and am pretty happy with how this came out (cw depression)


I’d been thinking lately about the roles visuals and gameplay fulfill in storytelling, so I wrote about MGS3 and how it exemplifies those roles.


I think the title card says it all this episode. Also, we talked about a nazi banned from AGDQ.

There’s a link in the description for the MP3 of the episode if you want to listen in a more convenient form.


Damn this is really good!


Thanks so much!!


My second yer end review article thing. This is the revival of a sort of gaming awards thing I skipped the year before but brought back for 2018, mainly as an excuse to give other games I played that couldn’t get into my top ten a chance to get some props in their areas of excellence.


I am infinitely late for 2018 GOTY posts, but here’s a GOTY post anyway:


I got overambitious so here’s a big roundup of things I played, currently at 15 videos out of a total of 40:

also made this casual intro into Street Fighter 4 and fighting games in general with friends. but mostly its us having a good time and goofing:

ALSO: I run with Dante Douglas and we recently came back in the form of a quarterly. Our second quarterly is gonna be up probably by the time you read this.