Share your games writing/criticism!


The latest episode of The Writing Game is about that much maligned exposition! What is exposition I hear you ask, why let me tell you…


I reviewed Mage’s Initiation, a Quest for Glory like point and click that released today.

Worth mentioning the head staff worked on Sierra point and click remakes for games in the Quest for Glory and King’s Quest series.


I’ve just dropped a new video about everybody’s favorite genre: Downhill BMX Racing games


There was no way I wasn’t going to review Kingdom Hearts III, I had no choice in the matter. Luckily it was a great game.


I just interviewed Sarah Elmaleh, the V.O. artist for the female Freelancer in Anthem. We talked about labor and being an artist in a capitalist society. It was a great conversation and you can check the article out here.


New IndieCent! We played Heaven Will Be Mine and also dunked on Graham Lineham.

we also had a Valentines episode I forgot to promote where I made two of my friends play a surprisingly chaste dating sim with a tacked on crossdressing premise and a VERY strange doujin character action game with a BDSM theme.


I finally finished my GOTY videos for 2018 - a LOT of personal life stuff happened to me from November until like a week ago so they were uh…delayed - it might be crazy to release GOTY videos in February but whatever I made them so I’m posting them. I’m putting one up a day for the next few days (I’ll replace the link in this post with just the playlist when they’re all up, i’m not spamming the thread with like 4 videos, i’m not evil.)

I’m still very new to this whole uh, “video” thing but I’m enjoying learning. I would definitely appreciate any and all tips and criticisms and so on :slight_smile:


After a couple of months I was finally able to put down my thoughts on God of War, a game I really enjoyed playing but ultimately let me down.

Couldn’t have done it without Patrick and Austin’s spoilercast and Dia Lacina’s awesome write ups and screenshots to inspire me!

Enjoy reading, you awesome people <3


Did a bit of a casual writup about Devil May Cry 5, thoughts on the demo and my hopes for the full release:

Mostly needed to get something written to get me out of this funk I’m in, not done nearly enough creative stuff lately.


Hello i wrote thousands of words about how well written jetstream sam is in metal gear rising: revengeance and also how that games way smarter than people give it credit


What are your thoughts on Armstrong? Because people usually just write him off as a libertarian mouthpiece but I think it has way more interesting context in the MG universe and how it compares to Raiden’s own convictions, not to mention the myth of Big Boss.


I go into that in the article itself. I didn’t mention Big Boss (altho i do mention he lines up with Ocelot and Solidus who are both p much Diet Big Boss) but the whole point of contrasting the two is that raiden fights for the weak while armstrong fights against them. He’s like the extreme end-point of the Boss’ legacy where “a world where soldiers fight for their own causes outside of state influence” is just the libertarian dream of “the state can’t stop me becoming king of the universe” and its very obviously meant to reflect backwards and show up Big Boss and Ocelot’s dreams as completely naive and short-sighted forms of anarchy that just enable scumbags to take control.


It’s been a month, but I’ve had to switch to a monthly schedule, so here’s the latest episode of The Writing Game. This time I look at what lessons we can learn from improv to improve our game writing and teamwork.


I just wrote a review of Apex Legends on my blog, and I’ve written about a variety of other games as well. Would love for you to read what I’ve done & hear any feedback you have!


Hey does anyone who is active in this thread want a Fri/Sat badge to Pax East, hopefully with the intent of writing about something at the show? I have badges but can’t attend and its not really worth the effort for me to sell them. I’d rather give them to someone who will get some use out of them. Send me a PM if you are interested.


New IndieCent!

A panel choice episode where the gang and I selected one game each to talk about. We settled on Hidden Folks, Reigns: Her Majesty, Sara is Missing, and The Secret of Monkey Island (special edition version). We also talked about Reggie’s retirement, Melee finally being taken off EVO’s schedule, and the THQ disaster.


It’s been a while, tough start to the year, but I have finally written something, and its about a very interesting tower defence/life simulation game The Quiet Sleep. It looks… not great, but the way it simulates a life and makes emotions into mechanics while keeping a sense of sincerity about it really struck me.

And also half of it is just about chess. Literally, I can’t stop playing, learning and watching chess after that Austin essay made me fall into a youtube hole.

I think that this whole “logic vs emotion” thing is a bit basic but it felt right to me, as an interesting lens to look at the two games.


This is really good! One of my favorite things of yours I’ve read.


Oh my god thank you! I’ve been drafting and editing it for so long that I got a bit lost and just wanted to get it out there even though its like, way too long probably haha.


This is so so good. One of my favorite pieces of writing on Metal Gear, easily.