Share your games writing/criticism!


Does this count as writing/criticism? It’s about playing Sonic R in 2019 and contains a bit of history on the game, the PC port, and, like, a single gameplay tip


I do a lot of writing for video games. Reviews, guides, wikis etc. The thing I enjoy most are the more opinion driven and idea pieces. I used to try and post news on my website but i got so fed up of having to be “first” and if not, you get 0 traffic. Turned out to be a monster drain of my time. No idea if the stuff i write is good to people who know how to write (im just an idiot with a keyboard :smiley: )


Did a write up on the presence of phone boxes in Devil May Cry 5:


I was asked to write up Google Stadia for, but it ended up becoming a kinda-sorta opinion piece


I wrote a piece about Dark Souls II’s narrative and atmosphere trying to figure out why I’d liked it so much. If you’re one of the 5, maybe 6 other people in the world who like this game, this is for you.