Share your games writing/criticism!


Does this count as writing/criticism? It’s about playing Sonic R in 2019 and contains a bit of history on the game, the PC port, and, like, a single gameplay tip

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I do a lot of writing for video games. Reviews, guides, wikis etc. The thing I enjoy most are the more opinion driven and idea pieces. I used to try and post news on my website but i got so fed up of having to be “first” and if not, you get 0 traffic. Turned out to be a monster drain of my time. No idea if the stuff i write is good to people who know how to write (im just an idiot with a keyboard :smiley: )


Did a write up on the presence of phone boxes in Devil May Cry 5:

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I was asked to write up Google Stadia for, but it ended up becoming a kinda-sorta opinion piece


I wrote a piece about Dark Souls II’s narrative and atmosphere trying to figure out why I’d liked it so much. If you’re one of the 5, maybe 6 other people in the world who like this game, this is for you.


As a fellow DS2-preferrer, I have to say, this is a good piece you’ve written. Not enough appreciation is given to the generally prettier ambiance of the game, especially relative to its fairly uncompromising difficulty. Everyone complains about the levels not being interconnected (or logically designed) as DS1, but no one focuses on the sequel’s actual virtues, and how the themes fit snugly with the presentation and mechanics. So, basically, thanks for writing/sharing.

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I didn’t love DMC5 so I needed to write about it. (Also extended car metaphor.)


I have a Medium Account! I just started a month ago, but I have a few articles/pieces out. I’m always looking to improve :slight_smile:

Some examples:


Made another games recommendation video, this time on comedy games.


Wrote a bunch about how this whole easy mode discussion is kind of condescending to actual disabled people:


New IndieCent!

We talked about Broken Reality, the vaporwave game that has equal amounts of dank memes and existential dread about the inevitability of our limited existence! We also talked Google and Apple’s capitalism hellscape plans.

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Wrote another Giant Bomb list the other day talking about what games I would like to see on the Genesis Mini… and how hard it was to find 40 games.


Wrote a bit on Broken Reality and Vaporwave


I have a bimonthly column for AiPT! in which I write about games! Whenever I have something to say from a queer perspective, I jump on it! I’ll link the most recent edition.


I have finally decided to post this thing I have been mulling over since January about Obra Dinn. I was initially incredibly positive about it, and there are a bunch of great aspects to the game that I talk about here, but ultimately I feel it is hollow, leaving kind of a cold impression at the end.

I am echoing, explicitly, a great critique of Papers Please here, as well, as I think that Lucas Pope might not have actually been able to overcome that earlier problem of “mundane preaching”. Also, there’s a lot about my work as a historian in here and some cool pictures of Kyrgyzstan from when I was there for research :+1:


Wrote a review for a new indie game called Yuppie Psycho, a sprite art survival horror game that combines dark capitalism satire, office culture jokes, and twisted fairy tales about witches and blood sacrifices. It is very good.

Would also recommend the Brazil based team’s last game, The Count Lucanor, though Yuppie Psycho is much more beginner friendly.

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Also just had a review of another indie game go up, this one being 2018’s The Hex, the newest game from the devs behind Pony Island. Also it might be one of my favorite games ever now and manages to one up Pony Island’s whole meta-joke self so hard with actual existential pathos and constantly brilliant plot and mechanic shifts that I’m a little amazed it came from the same team.


I made a video talking about September 1999 and playing horror games with part of the screen covered.

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After at least a year of jotting down ideas and notes I finally pulled the trigger and wrote something. I would like to share my piece on Dark Souls, running, and Bogost’s theory that games through simulation restore the experience of resistance and adventure to landscapes. I know the Souls games and difficulty is a well-worn topic, but I think, and hope, I’ve a unique take.

I am glad simply to have written something, but if others were to read it too, hey, that’d be great.


Hey this is really great! I really enjoyed how you blended your running experience with the way the game’s environment makes you approach it. Giving me a lot of food for thought!

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