Share your games writing/criticism!

An HG101 piece I’m particularly proud of is now up: Bear Stearns Bravo, the horse_ebooks FMV game partly written by dril!

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I said this in my intro post, but I’m a games critic, and I’ve been at it for about nine years now. I really feel like I’m hitting my stride lately, though, thanks in large part to my column at Unwinnable.

I’ve been featured other places, though, the latest of which is this one for PCGamesN.

Or this one for EGM:

Anyways, those are just some of my writing. Hopefully I catch my big break at some point, but until then, I’m proud of my body of work.

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This went public two days ago and I forgot to plug it.

Anyways, someone commissioned me to write on The Room, a 3D puzzle game about a magic alchemy box, and I ended up talking about tactile game design and how my brain is located in my meaty hands.

I’m mostly running news shifts these days (for RPS and uh, here at VICE Games), so it’s weird to plug short, time-sensitive coverage like that. Instead, I thought I might shamelessly promote some of my favourite features here.

For RPS, I spoke to the people creating and curating virtual art galleries.

For Videogamer, I interviewed the fictional DJ behind Jet Set Radio’s real-life pirate broadcaster

For Polygon (my very first “big” commission way back in '17), I wrote about the World of Warcraft players who’d rather tell stories than run raids.


My latest column is up, and it’s about grading systems in games.

My two part look at western and eastern open world game design is up at Anime Herald. I focused on comparing some city themed games of that type.

I’ve been laid off from my job so instead of moping I’ve decided to return to an old project while I wait for the world to get better.

Please enjoy the next entry in my series about Gears of War where I argue that Gears of War Judgment is the best one:

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Hey, I wrote something about how I’ve been enjoying the new Animal Crossing in a different way because of Twitter! Check it out

Great work on the video analysis! I agree with almost every point made! It saddens me to look upon the amount of dislikes for that video.

Gamers don’t see art, they see toys. They also try to convince themselves that these toys are art, but games always have to be toys first and foremost. That’s why SotC (2018) is “objectively better” in their eyes, it’s the “same” underlying art BUT BETTER! CHECK OUT THOZE GRAFIX and OMG CHEK OUT THOSE SILLY STUNTS and PHOTOMODE!!! Because I’m sure the original artistic intent of SotC was for people to make postcards of it.

It’s just sad. And it’s hard to make these criticisms about Bluepoint’s work or people’s love of it without being seen as a jerk, or at least I struggle with that. But I do believe this criticism of the remake and how many want to engage with SotC is worthwhile. Again, great work! It’s nice to know others feel the same way!

I’m still writing about Gears of War so here’s The One Where I Talk About Gears of War 4:

I’m almost done with this series and I’m saving my hottest analysis for last. I have…feelings about Gears 5.