Share your games writing/criticism!

I’ve had a weird and stressful day at work, but I did get to kick things off by gushing over Umurangi Generation on the news shift

more fave

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Two things!

New Dark & Elmo podcast over The Franz Kafka Videogame, which we played because we played it!

Also wrote a short article on my frustration with a game I really wanted to love, Murder by Numbers.

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I was chronicling my playthrough of Spider-Man over on the what-games-are-you-playing thread, but now that I’ve finished I decided to write a longer form piece about how that game looks at crime and prisons, and the gulf between the characters it cares about and the people it clearly doesn’t.

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Hey, this was great! I remember being dragged out of the game’s narrative myself when the Sabre Intl plot line was added into the main game towards the end. Seems a common theme in Marvel Entertainment media though doesn’t it?

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Definitely. I think it’s a natural theme for superhero media to fall into in general, or at least that writers need to do actual active work to prevent it from manifesting just due to the nature of these stories.

Enjoyed my type with Wintermoor Tactics Club, decide to take some time and try my hand a writing a review.

Wrote about how Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor made me crave worker liberation (moreso than I do already lmao). I really loved this game and this is a pretty quick read so if you’re even slightly interested please give it a read and PLAY IT ’

I wrote about how the visual novel that got a perfect score from Famitsu makes great use of photography and image editing to create a strong mood that makes it one of the most engrossing reads I’ve ever gone though.


More of my fave list, second to last part

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I wrote 5,000-ish words on The Last of Us Part II, several of these words are very similar to words I’ve already written on this forum.

Not a fan, needless to say.

Wrote some words on playing too many games over five years