Share your games writing/criticism!


@JoeBush Just subscribed! Love the premise because it’s specific and weird. Just watched the Toy Story vid you put up today and god that game looks painfully slow to play. Well done vid; the end was horrifying.

BTW guys, I recently launched a pretty ambitious project that I’m pretty excited about: a DAILY video game news podcast! On SoundCloud for now but expanding to other podcast things soon. Check it out: Gameonysus Daily. Just from scrolling through the titles I think all of you will find something you’re interested in.


Thank you so much! I’m checking out your podcast right now!


@siegarettes @Gameonysus I’m also writing about games in Chicago! I feel like our city gets so little coverage, outside of IG (and by IG, I mean Dave Lang) on the dev side, and Scoops for coverage.

Would it be cool for us to start a Chicago-centric podcast, or feature one another on our respective shows? Would love to start building more of a community here!


hello! gosh, it’s intimidating posting something in a thread filled with folks I read the work of, but I put my first bit of games crit online today! I’m looking forward to digging through all the work here I’m unfamiliar with! :sparkling_heart:


I love that this thread exists and I’m looking forward to digging through it more. Thanks for making it, @NoCoastGaming! :pray:t3:

I may post some of my old stuff. I was actually able to get featured in Critical Distance a few times. Unfortunately my current job doesn’t let me write about games anymore. It’s considered a conflict of interest.

Keep making stuff folks.


No prob! So glad everybody has been able to share as much as they have.

Man, our feature in Critical Distance did gangbusters for our site, we were super lucky to get it.

Also, that’s rough! Without saying too much, are you in game dev?


I think critically about all games I play but I don’t often put it in substantial writing besides sometimes spitting out a series of sequential tweets about a specific subject I am thinking about at the time, or sometimes compile these thoughts in a post on my tumblr blog if I feel it’s too extensive for a series of tweets.
English is not my native language and I feel these thoughts often get rambly; I don’t have any training in writing but I try to practice expressing my thoughts on a subject.

It’s not really a field I seek to pursue, but I do find it to be a very satisfying practice expressing my ideas and criticism related to games and other media. I find it useful especially because I want to design and develop games at some point in my life, and maintaining a critical view of game mechanics and system design can help you avoid design pitfalls or improve upon your design.

Like the original post I am often inspired by game critics such as Waypoint and Giant Bomb to share my thoughts and perspectives on the releases that intrigue me.


I totally agree. I have dreams of moving to LA (b/c weather and I have some family there) but at the same time I think my real dream is building some cool games stuff here in Chicago because we’re really overlooked/have yet to come together in a big meaningful way. What’s your twitter handle so we can stay/get in touch easily? Would love to collab and work together to find other people/groups to connect with here in Chicago.

CC: same goes to you, @siegarettes , and any other Chicago folks out here


No no. Although I’m taking more time to dabble with game development since I can’t write in that way anymore (hurray Wizard Jam 5)

That’s the part that’s frustrating; it’s actually just retail. Massive corporations have strict policies around these things though.


Just wrapped up this interview with the mastermind behind the “World’s Largest Hedge Maze” built in RollerCoaster Tycoon. Really fascinating person.


Totally! Would love to - I’m slammed the next 10 days or so (moving, wearing a few new hats at work) but may be cool to hop on a call/email and brainstorm.


Glad you enjoyed it! I’m usually on most social media, including Twitter, at the same name, siegarettes. Taking a bit of a break at the moment however.


@Gameonysus yeah i’d totally be down for that! there’s also some cool events like Bit Bash that happen with decent regularity, which would probably be easy to plan a meetup around.


Hi hi hello, I have a gaming blog with a couple of friends I try and keep regularly updated. This past weekend I wrote about how our memories are awful compared to the perfect recall of games saves!


Hello everyone!

I am really bad at this whole writing and criticism thingy; especially the part about being good at it. But i have a tumblr that i want to use more now that i actually have time to write. Here is one that is somewhat okay

Now I’ll try and backtrack in this thread and read up on peoples work since i feel that i need to find more writers to follow


Wrote about this fighting game’s rad final boss!


oh yo that boss sounds incredible. that’s a really cool twist on the format


This is such a wonderful and encouraging thread. I wish I had more time to write about games (and to play them [and to read about them]). At the moment I am working on a pseudo-review and leftist reading of Persona 5, discussing its use of ideology as the omnipresent antagonist. Would really love to receive some feedback once it’s all done.


I haven’t actually written anything as far as games criticism (and I feel weird posting this since I mentioned it in the podcasts topic), but my best friend and I have a weekly gaming podcast called Press A Repeatedly. We’re out on iTunes, Google Play, and Podbean. We’re only 4 months into it, but we’re having fun and people* who listen seem to enjoy the show.

Give us a listen! I think we do an alright job, but I’m open to any and all criticism/advice on how to improve. Thank you all for being so welcoming! :slight_smile:

*Friends and family mostly


Hey everyone, I’m Daniel Link (yes, my legal last name from birth). While I haven’t gotten a pitch accepted at Waypoint yet I have gotten some games crit published in the past on the now-defunct site The Robot’s Voice (previously Topless Robot).

I wrote “7 Ways Alien: Isolation Helped Me Accept My Anxiety” when that game came out in 2014.

I was really touched when Danielle referenced it in her own retrospective piece on Isolation and anxiety.