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I’ve been thinking about desktop PCs and how we’re seeing a major change in what normal systems offer (combined with how those resources are coded to because of the current consoles) which makes buying hardware in the next 12 months more interesting than it has been for at least 5 years. It’s PC gaming focused commentary if you’re interested in hardware trends (or maybe just want someone to describe why console core counts are rather different to desktop PCs):


That was a wonderful post, thanks for sharing! I adore this type of experience and love hearing about it from folks.

I had a similar way-too-connected-to-this-game experience with Life is Strange, I wrote a big dumb thing about it here that I haven’t read in awhile. It’s a giant overly wordy nightmare probably, game messed me up bad.

Also first post.


My first independent feature-length piece of criticism is finally done. And it’s about Mercy from Overwatch.


so I’m back with something new on Cyberpunk, Genre and the inherent politics of imagery! I thought it might be relevant to a lot of the conversations going on around here:


I wrote a post where I tracked down 135 devs who worked on Hitman: Blood Money and found out what they’ve been doing professionally since the release of the game.


The only writing I’ve done was at university, and that’s not worth putting in here, but I thought I’d use this thread to ask a question, firstly because it’s not worth its own thread, and secondly because you guys seem like exactly the people who would probably know.

I wrote an essay about the psychological effects of the Zelda and Mario franchises reusing old melodies and rearranging old pieces in later games, and recently I started rewriting it as more of an article, and I was wondering if that was something anyone in the world would even be interested in? Thanks guys.


Anything can be pitchable if you sell it correctly - which means you have to have confidence in your piece to begin with, if you are going to convince someone why it’s good. You also don’t want to pitch fully completed articles either;
the reason for this is you don’t want to put in all that work just to have an editor develop a different voice and direction for the piece when it’s already all laid out.

But I don’t think there’s not not a place for it - and if all else fails, a personal blog or Medium?


Never heard of Medium, for those who use it what is your experience with it?


I wrote about the idea of a game being “unfinished” and the context behind the casual use of the word by players and even journalists.

I’ve also been incredibly irate by the spread of false narrative about Final Fantasy XII’s development and the way it’s used as a weapon by some to trample on the game.


After a month-long hiatus from games writing for personal reasons, I’m back at it.

I’ve always wanted to dive in to a “hardcore game”, and not Dark Souls hardcore. I mean ultra-granular simulation. Here is my story about falling into the Military Simulator rabbit hole with Squad, and my cultural findings surrounding its community.


Hey, this is real good. And that story at the beginning felt way too real (as someone who’s been on both sides of competence in a game :no_mouth:). Glad to see you’re writing again!


Thanks so much! New job + breakup from a 4 year relationship + new apartment + also a new girlfriend? Was just too much at the same time to keep writing. Such a massive relief to be back, thank you so much for your support!


Hi there! I wrote my second piece for a blog my friends run about Overwatch’s interesting take on storytelling, pls enjoy x


I wrote my first ever feature and it’s something I want to do since before I started freelancing


This is my first time writing something about games and it’s long as hell so just bear with me. I intentionally didn’t edit it for length because one of my main writing issues is that I have trouble deciding what to cut. Not because I’m attached to it necessarily, but because I have trouble determining whether it would strengthen or dilute the point. Maybe it’s stupid or tired to talk about BotW or use a dumb title like the one currently attached, but this has been on my mind for months and I decided hey, why not. If you choose to read through it, thanks for taking the time. Hopefully some of it makes sense.

EDIT: Ok, I did decide to edit it a little due to some accidental repeats and poor wording choices. Also shortened the title.

EDIT AGAIN: So after I posted this, a gaming blog on Medium called Cube reached out and asked to add it to their publication, so that’s cool I think!


I’ve been working this one out for a while, and I figured it was about time to actually write it.


yo I enjoyed reading this. even more so since the Polygon interview on the development of FF12 came out soon after and basically vindicated everything you said.

hilariously this also let me catch the way that Simon Parker bought right into those myths for his review of the remaster.


I’ve taken a month long break from games writing (and the internet in general, mostly), so I don’t have anything recent. Not even sure I’ll get back into it - and if I do, it’ll be under a new name. But this is the most recent piece I’ve done:

I also have a bunch more here. Let me know what you think!


It’s interesting because I read a Vice article just a few days ago about Killer7. It was showering the game with praise while utterly shitting on everything that was made after by the same man and I just can’t help but feel that the point was missed somehow.

Killer is Dead is the dumbest, most stupidest game I’ve played. It’s just not fun, it’s not even good and ultimately not even that much made by him iirc, even saying that the gigolo mode was pushed by the publisher, but I cannot say “In those latter games, sex is used for slapstick and titillation.” and say about K7 that “[…] sex was uneasy, bleak”. It’s all part of an encompassing theme where sexism is the great divider of sensibilities. You can get past it in K7 and not in NMH, sure, it doesn’t mean they are different in the way they are depicting it.

And it is true that Suda51 has just been saying the same thing louder and louder. We’re at a point where we’re saying “well, it’s a little too loud now”. Compare The Silver Case & FSR to KiD & Lollipop Chainsaw and it’s just that : his interest into otaku culture, depiction of sex in videogames just grew over time.

I just find that it’s a mistake to say that he changed. He didn’t, he just pursued something he’s been talking about for 20 years and he’s been awfully consistent at it. I stay convinced that Suda51 can become his self of the FSR era just as much as he can come back to his current self, that is to say he hasn’t changed. The way he’s revisiting his former games and the way he reacts to it in the various interviews he’s given all points that he still got it, he still deeply understands his games and it is something that you don’t even find that much when it comes to game creators.

Edit : I realized the article never mentioned NMH, it kinda makes me think that it was a contentious point even for the writer himself to frame it as “bad suda content”.

Great article by the way.

I saw it and it’s very interesting to see how it’s ingrained in the mind of gamers frequenting message boards. I was afraid that my experience would not resonate and make people think I’m fighting a straw man but it did come back in various forms, a little bit to my surprise while reading his review.


I’m pretty sure Tim Rogers was working at Grasshopper when they were making Killer is Dead. I forget where but he said something about writing the gigolo mode because EA said they needed a “unique feature”. he left the project before it was done and didn’t get credited tho apparently. not that he seemed to mind.

Yeah it was really hilarious seeing those messages come back and having years of that speculation being proved entirely false.