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The thing is, I’ve been on the internet long enough to know the stigmas. It’s hardly even impostor syndrome at this point, it’s just life as a person who’s been writing at a Sega news blog for 9 years.


I haven’t done much games writing outside of fighting game tutorials but I once wrote a comparative piece on Desert Golf and learning to live with depression. I then took that work and pasted it linearly over top of Desert Golf screen caps.

Link to the image:

Link to the words:

I’m not particularly proud of this work but it’s something. It’s a bit of a downer. If you read that bit and want to read something a bit more uplifting I also wrote about learning from your failures:


I’ve been working on this for what feels like the entire year but i wrote something on the fans who created Sonic Mania and its history in fan projects!

@Blaze seeing as what i’ve been writing about Sonic i kind of feel ya on the way stigma has largely overpowered any of the actual content of those games. it’s kind of a bummer. and i also share your worry on Forces even if it looks promising I can’t help but feel they’re relying on the well of tricks too much.

I kind of ended up appreciating a lot of what Lost World did eventually, if i’m honest, even if I didn’t think it was a great game as a whole.

@zkgillispie hey thanks for the kind words! glad you appreciated it!

speaking of grinding and Persona, one of the few things I appreciated from the Persona 1 remake was the ability to set macros for characters and just let the battle speed through on them. Wish the other Persona games would let you do similar instead of just using Rush which is useless in most situations. Makes me wonder how I’d like FF12.


@siegarettes (tagging because idk how replies work yet) P5 was my first SMT/Persona, and while I appreciated the Rush option, it wasn’t worth even using because it got me killed in even lower level fights 90% of the time. And the ally macro presets didn’t ever seem to do what I needed them to do, just cycling through a random list of actions even tangentially related to the subject. (Frequent example of this was Healer macro constantly just casting Dia spells when I needed a group heal desperately.) There didn’t seem to be any real prioritization in the moves, which to me completely defeats the purpose.

FF12 has way more customization for that, but the issue in 12 is more that you don’t have a lot of ways to cancel redundant actions short of manually interrupting/turning them off individually. Steal gambits are particularly busted, as you’ll basically get caught in a loop of stealing from a full-health enemy on the backline because your party hasn’t started attacking them yet. But sometimes you can also make the game do some really goofy shit, so it’s at least worth trying, I’d say.

(Also hope my article rant thing made sense? I’ve only ever written two of these so hopefully it wasn’t too bad!)


Wrote something on fighting games and sports, exploring how our everyday social interactions keep one relevant and one niche:


I wrote something about games you deeply appreciate but just don’t like to play yourself


Nice take on the FGC and why fighting games haven’t taken off. Drives me crazy thinking about how much more the FGC could do to move fighting games forward. Not sure I agree with you on all fronts but education is definitely something that needs to be available for new plays to at least so they can understand high level vs low level play. Anyway, god stuff.


Okay, here’s my first ever VIDEO REVIEW D: I’m terrified but okay, guess if you want something you just gotta do it…! Please like and share :heart:


wrote a little journal on what it was like trying to learn about fighting games for 2 months:

turns out you can learn a lot more than you might think. you’ll also find out a lot about how little you actually know.


Not much, but I wrote a post a week or two back on Nier Automata and how it saved video games for me.


Hey dude, if you’re wanting to put time into SFV and learn what makes fighting games great I highly recommend checking out this comprehensive piece I put together for SFV:
Even for the basic lessons if you think you understand something as simple as the quarter circle forward motion at the very least read the purpose of the lesson. This has been kept up to date for Season 2.5 and even has character specific supplements if you don’t feel like playing as Ryu.


I made a new topic my thing on Splatoon 2 without realizing that this was a thing. XD

This is a writeup on the competitive Splatoon 2 event InkStorm+, where all of the best teams in the scene are competing. If you have watched the E3 Splatoon 2 tournament and became a fan of Deadbeat, they are also playing in this event under SetToDestroyX. If you have any questions about the scene, let me know!


Though it’s not a focus, our Finnish film magazine occasionally runs video game -based articles. I’ve written a few. Usually they’re about esoteric nonsense such as failed narratives that have audiovisual hints of better things that were in place at some point or how the modern wrestling game could ever be good again, but I’m rather proud of my article on the way Dark Souls 3 defies The Death of an Author by putting their relationship with the game front-and-center in a way I’d argue even those Kojima-games people tend to have that view of don’t. The reason I’m proud of that is mostly just that there were no articles at the time it was published I had found from that perspective so it felt good to be able to look at such an overtly-written-about property in an angle the game writing world hadn’t yet.


I got so excited about the new games announced/detailed at Gamescom, I wrote a post about it


I put up my first video review! it’s on Children of Zodiarcs, a hybrid of Final Fantasy Tactics style RPGs, card games, and tabletop:


Hey y’all! Wrote a little bite-size thing about Snipperclips and how awesome it is at teaching people how to communicate in healthy ways. I don’t feel like this game got a ton of attention on launch, but I think it does something really unique and cool and I wanted to give it some love. Feel free to leave any feedback! I know I use the word “communication” a ton but honestly, it seemed like the most appropriate word to use.


Very happy this is up. A whole lot of words from me about how much of Resident Evil 1’s aesthetic and level design comes from early 80s Italian horror movies.


I enjoy reading all the writing here, you’re all doing a great job


Wrote this today upon hearing about the Switch port of Kentucky Route Zero, and I think it’s the best thing I’ve written so far? Lemme know what you think!!!


This is a really great piece! You do a great job elaborating on how KRZ can alternate between being frustratingly opaque and deeply rewarding. It’s something that can be difficult to explain when I recommend the game to people.