Share your #Inktober creations! [Image-Heavy]

So I, like many of you I would assume, had taken this October as a chance to finally take my artistic skills to the next level. I’ve always wanted to be able to sketch properly and I’ve been drawing stick figure comics since before I was able to walk, but while those were very useful to help me learn good composition, my drawing/sketching skills are about on par with an 8-year old. Now that I’m done with most of my high school exams I finally have time to practice it seriously, and so I’ve been trying to sketch every die. I still suck really bad, but I’m much better than I were 3 weeks ago!
If anyone else has been going through a similar process, feel free to post your art here!
You can also provide criticism and improvement tips for other artists, but I would ask people to only do so if the artist requested those. Let’s be positive and enjoy some newbie art!
Anyway, here is my first decently successful attempt at drawing a face. Inspired by the cover art for Warcraft 3:The Frozen Throne :


Oh, sweet, an inktober thread :smiley: Thanks a lot! I wasn’t sure that would be allowed, so I refrained, but I’ll be glad to marvel at the work of others!

I started inktober late this year (in fact, I usually don’t do it at all, and I feel intense shame because of that), but I wanted to go back to drawing traditionally even if for only a short while. I’ve settled on a “Videogame Heroine ABC” theme, something I had already dabbled with in the past, but there have been a number of excellent characters and games I still wanted to showcase, so I figured why not.

Here are some of my favorites so far, though the whole series is available on my deviantart or twitter pages.

D for Dandara

E for Erine

G for Gobbet

J for Jill

And here’s today’s latest, K for Kathy (Rain):

Looking forward to everyone else sharing theirs!


Oh God, I can already tell that all the great art in this thread is going to make me feel SUPER self conscious about my crappy sketches

Anyway, those are incredible! Good job!

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Gonna share another one, this one made by a friend! She worked very hard on it and I think it came out very well


Are we including other forms of art other than just ink? Just checking I’ve never seen whether that matters or not. Also might wanna put down that the thread is image intensive.

Probably my best Inktober drawing so far is something simple, a Hounskull Bascinet usng a reference.


Oh, yes, I forgot about that. Thank you for reminding me!
That helmet looks very good. Do you have a specific interest in medieval armor?

I just might be really into Medieval armor. :stuck_out_tongue:
Also put a filter over today’s Inktober to make it look like Ink.


You inkers out there - any specific pens you recommend? I just love the feeling of writing/sketching with a nice smooth pen. I’d draw more if I had the fun tools to do it

Oh cool, what program is this filter from?

Phone app, Line Camera.

Are we ok with posting digital inktober entries? I’ve started most of mine on a sketchbook as mindless ink doodles, before scanning and almost entirely redoing them in PS.


Everything that you feel comfortabe sharing will be welcome in this thread!


Ok then, thank you! Since it’s my first time doing Inktober, I decided to stick with the official daily themes.

This is the one from yesterday. I’m only on day 15, so… 10 days late. Finding ideas everyday is way harder than I’d have thought.

Ho and @Galkinator , for ink, I really enjoy Faber-Castell pens. They’re not the cheapest, but smooth as hell. For drawing pencils, you can never go wrong with Col-erase. They’re heavily used in the animation industry, for good reasons.


Happy to see an Inktober thread here! :smiley:

While one can browse the tag on Twitter, etc., I always like seeing and sharing Inktober progress within a smaller community more.

I went with an easy theme this year (characters from games I played during 2017) since I’ve always been terrible with coming up with something for the prompts. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are a few pieces:

You can see the rest of my Inktober 2017 pieces here.


I am a bad artist but my friend is a digital artist who is getting back into ink and paper stuff and I am really impressed with his stuff and want to share it.

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I would have liked to keep up the pace of one drawing a day, but it’s been a busy October for me. I’ve been working on a ton of digital stuff for so long, it has been really nice to get back into physical ink again.


New day, new heroine: Latha Sesame, from Technobabylon, one of the most (if not the most) brilliant point and click adventures from recent memory. Seriously!


You are all ridiculously talented! Is this a hobby for most of you or part of your careers/professional-life?

Ahhh! Your choice of game heroines for this Inktober is giving me life (especially Ajna, Gobbet, Eiger, and now Latha). So good!

And I totally agree re: Technobabylon - easily my favorite PnC recently.

(Also Lau is the best, any chance of her popping up as another L in your alphabet? :wink:)

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Today’s turned out sloppier than I was intending.

Also I just draw for fun or to do something though my drawings are pretty bad haha.