Share your lock screen and home screen. :D (Image Intensive)


We all try to personalize our mobile devices as much as possible. Let’s see what we’ve all done to ourselves. Me? I can’t function unless my stuff looks like the Nostromo.


Good stuff, OP! Though the home screen is maybe the only case in which I would want a phone interface to look as grungy and filmy as possible.

As for me, a certain recent game experience is going to leave me with this one for a while.


Oh good, looks like I’m not the only Nier Automata mega nerd here.

Precious sad boy 9S reporting for duty.


Yes, I do like jojo


My home screen is just the same thing…I’m excited for stormblood a lot.


<3 Kandinsky




I like to display an image of a prestigious thirty-under-thirty media luminary to inspire me every time I use my mobile telephone.


I try to keep the first page clean. My second page is mostly folders and I use Spotlight to access them.


I should really finish Mario Run and get it out of there


“The world could always use more heroes!”


It’s from Manifold Garden. I haven’t changed it in a while and probably should.


alright. well.

I think setting this as my lockscreen was the final nail in the “I’m not a furry but-” coffin, lmao.

I like to keep my homescreen fairly sparse? This is Noiz, from Dramatical Murder. he’s a little dickhead and I love him.



Both for lock & home screens.



sorry, but that silly hat makes me feel like Moebius’ Arzach…