Share your lock screen and home screen. :D (Image Intensive)



Using this combo for a few years now…


I like K-On.



I really like this? Where is it from? That aesthetic has got me like :open_mouth:


It’s been my lock screen through a couple different phones so I don’t know at all :(.

I’ll search around for a bit to see if I can find where I got it


Ooh yeah, I’d really appreciate it!! Thank you! No worries if you can’t find it!


Here’s a dropox link with that and a bunch of other wallpapers I saved from that site but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was since it must have been 4-5 years by now

edit WAIT! I searched one of the filenames


Thanks @Artreus!

While I’m at it, here is my current home screen / lock screen which is the same.

It’s some sciencey thing that is minimalistic in design which I love.


The home screen you have is from Firewatch.

And some reverse image searching tells me that your lock screen is the cover art for a track, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike ft. Wolfpack - Ocarina (Visionaire Remix).


Several years ago I did Twitter RP, the first of which being a speaking, inebriated citadel from Mass Effect. Ever since then,

(I couldn’t get a lockscreen pic but it’s the same picture)

And yes, I am still proud of that creative writing endeavor.


My home is just one of the defaults but I’ve had this lock screen for ~6 months and I’ve been very happy with it

Nintendo released a bunch of cool phone wallpapers through LINE that you can find here:

I used the super famicom one for a while too


I’m getting a new phone in like six weeks, so I’ve kind of stopped caring about aesthetics and have shoved every app I have onto my home screen and I won’t pretend it’s pleasant.


oh yeah the firewatch thing I knew at least, I just couldn’t remember where I’d gotten the other thing. Turns out it was some android forum 4 years ago.

it is cool to know where that particular picture came from though, since I know that android forum didn’t spontaneously create it


Love & Rockets is my jam.


SO put “bed” on my lock screen so I remember to make it in the morning.


It’s a Dishonored screenshot I lovingly stole from Dead End Thrills. I think it’s a glass ceiling from the Boyle’s mansion… And it’s also my avatar.


Stock pixel live background. It’s neat seeing the world spin slowly on my phone all day.


I usually use the same background for my home screen and the lock screen, since the lock screen typically has the music player on it instead.


huge Samurai Jack spoilers