Share your lock screen and home screen. :D (Image Intensive)


I guess this is some pretty aggressive consistency, huh?

I see I’m one of a kind with @Artreus!


(spoilered for sorta nsfw) u gotta live ur truth and sometimes that truth is ur embarrassing for video game men



I’ve been obsessed with Blade Runner 2049 recently so here’s my wallpaper, Joi, the hologram.


I grew up watching this ship soar through the stars. It moved my imagination like nothing ever had before and, in all likelihood, like nothing ever will again. So, I like to keep it with me.



Have been using this wallpaper for a few weeks now. Colours remind me of the old style 3D-glasses.


One of my first screens I was so proud of! :heart_eyes:
Mithra Bus

Then my next breakthough was DroidStar Runner.

I think I’ve saved some of my newer ones, but it’s been kinda stagnant lately. :frowning: I’ve found myself stuck on not having time to update and personalize my things like I usually do.

Time to make that change now! ^^


When I saw this beautiful panel in this week’s update to Their Story, I knew I had to do this.

Spoilers for the latest update:


Not the most amazing picture in the world, but I took it myself, so I feel some sense of ownership over it, which is kind of nice.

Check out that excellent battery life.


I’ve been messing around with KLWP, it’s amazing how much you can do with it.


I like my dogs


Cropped a bit, but a nice reminder of a time when that name still held a sense of wonder for me


I think I’ve already posted in this thread but hey might as well update:

Theyre the same because I’m boring.


My lockscreen is just that same Jupiter background so here’s my first two screens instead.


Mine’s not very fancy, but I really have to use the Nova launcher so it doesn’t look like the terrible default Huawei OS.


Art from @Sukiri_


From Night in the Woods, love this image
Lock screen is one of the default nature ones.