Share your lock screen and home screen. :D (Image Intensive)


@_al your home page is rad! I’ve been meaning to try out klwp and other kustom stuff sometime soon!



Thanks! I like the icon pack you’re using. If you end up picking up KLWP, it’s the XPERX pack. :slight_smile:


Grumpy, noncommittal nyaa~


I kinda like more simple backgrounds like this. I just really like the purple lol.


I grew tired of KLWP (and having to frequently reset the wallpaper), so back to basics for me. :slight_smile:


It’s just a photo I took the last time I was in Oregon, because it’s my favorite place on Earth and I am going to move there and this helps remind me as I work toward that.


I was wasting too much time on my phone (Twitter being the worst offender) and I was trying to find a way to reduce my time using it.

I realized that by making my lock screen whatever video game I was playing at the moment, I had more incentive to stop wasting time on my phone and go play that game instead. So I now have a tradition of every time I start a new game, I switch my phone wallpaper to whatever that game is. Some recent ones were:


It’s been pretty effective for me! And this is my home screen. Not video game related. I just like my dog…


Have had this combo for about a year now and replacing them is hard


I’ve had this setup (or at least close to it) for a few years across multiple phones. One day I’ll change it up, but who knows when that’ll be.


I’ve been using Minima Pro for years. It’s a pretty cool dynamic wallpaper that shifts as you tilt your phone.



I’m finding it very hard to sleep right now so I’ve decided to post my current home/lock screen:

It’s coming on summer so I wanted something a little more “blue sky”-ish but I also love sadness so this Serial Experiments Lain art fit the bill.


They gotta bring that back just so anime fans can start calling the internet The Wireless for a month.


Happiness Plasa is the name of a now vacant strip of businesses in my hometown.


Mine right now.

Got the home screen wall from r/oddlysatisfying ^^


The werewolf one is a poster I saw at an exhibit about the moon in pop culture at the Peabody-Essex art museum in Salem, MA. It reminds me of my girlfriend, who is a Grade-A Monster Sympathizer (as am I!) and especially loves werewolves. The other one is a photo that I took on a walk in the woods with the aforementioned girlfriend. I like having a little nature on there to remind me that it’s good to get away from technology/the internet every so often.


I change my backgrounds pretty often but they’ve been wizards-in-mundane-places-themed for a minute


Finally changed my lock screen from the default.



Rocking the Splatoon2