Share your lock screen and home screen. :D (Image Intensive)


This is both for me. It’s a photo I took in Grand Teton National Park, the full photo is below and shows up when I scroll to different home screens. I just think it’s the best photo I’ve taken, what with the storm rolling in down the valley.


I like a home screen that makes me chuckle and smile.


Forced to factory reset my phone, a fresh start is here.


I forgot you could set something different for home and lock screen so it’s just this:


What OS is your phone, I also have an Android and the set up doesn’t look like that!


I’m on Android Oreo 8.0! The big change is installing the Nova Launcher, which has a ton of customizations for the home screen. I changed the dock to have no background, set icons to have no labels, and then set a gesture to make swiping up open the apps drawer. I used the Delta Icon Pack since it’s free and I love how it looks. The clock widget’s a separate download as well.

Nova Launcher:

Delta - Icon Pack:

Clock Widget:

Here are my Nova settings just in case - you can import from within the app (I’m using the ‘prime’/paid version):

Nova’s actually super easy to work with and fun to play around in. There are lots of options if you’re looking to change things up a little! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! I’m also on Oreo but I am very new to customizing phone OSes, so this is very helpful.


No problem at all! Feel free to DM me if there’s anything you think I could answer/help with.


Yay, this was so easy to install and configure.