Share Your Non-Game Writing/Criticism!

I swear this thread already existed but I couldn’t find it no matter how much I looked, so screw it! You all know the game crit thread, this is the thread of the same sort but not for game stuff.

I’ll start us off with links to a piece I did on melodrama in anime, and a commissioned piece on Sorry to Bother You where I talked about how the film shows the dehumanizing nature of Capitalism. That one ended up being fairly personal.

(the text preview for the anime piece came out completely wrong for some reason, and the movie piece picked the one image I used that wasn’t related to the movie lol)


Pretty much all my non-games writing is anime related lol. I have a couple recent posts getting into the thematic stuff in Sarazanmai:

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Second part of my thoughts on anime, melodrama, and the gender divide is up.

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New commissioned movie piece on Seven. I think I offered a take that hasn’t been shared that much.

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Someone paid me to write about Grave of the Fireflies and I have very mixed thoughts on it.

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At the same time, someone paid me to talk about Event Horizon, aka the only good Paul WS Anderson movie.