Share Your Photography


How is there not a photography thread on the forums? Now there is!

I would love to see other Waypointer’s work. If you wanna share your gear / editing process you can do that too.

I’ll start. I’m a photography student working on digital black and white this semester.

edit: Clarity + gear / edit info


Not a photographer, but I’ve a camera. Took this one back before fall when there were some Monarchs.


There is one! Photography thread (Image Intensive)


I saw this one and posted to it, but it is kind of old and didn’t seem all that active. Plus my understanding is that this should really be filed in Workshop.


Yes you are in the correct category!

When sharing work of your own Workshop is the category to use


Thanks, still very new


This was shot on a Sony a7. This is a statue at my alma mater and I played around with lighting in Photoshop to get where it is.


One more. Rest is just pics of flowers and… green stuff lol.

What Do You Create? Hobbies?

I’m a way-out-of-practice hobbyist shooting with a Canon Digital Rebel XTi and the “nifty fifty” prime lens, and using Photos for Mac to tinker. Honestly open to any feedback; didn’t have anything in mind shooting this other than “that’s a lot of light” and “what can I do with this from this close”. :black_heart:, yall


I am a photography impersonator. I’m proud of the candid photos I take and the spontaneous shots I get but I do it all from my phone without training. That said, I try and absorb as much as I can from the amazing work of others, and photography is an art that I completely adore and respect.

Here’s some that I’ve done that I dig. Yes, my family is usually what I’m looking at! :slight_smile:


That blanket fort is great!