Share your programming projects!


Hey y’all, I know that there are similar topics, but I thought it might be nice to make a place specifically to share little programming projects that aren’t games! Maybe it’s a twitter bot you made, a web-tool, a neato website, a python script, your school project for reversing a string, or anything else you feel like sharing!

I recently got into programming outside of my job and started getting interested in making a twitter bot! I just figured out how to do it and made a bot that asks the important questions:

You can see it here

I also made a write-up to explain it and some surface level etymology of the term “woke.” And put the source code up here!

What sort of programming projects are you working on? Please share!


nice! I’m working on a fun dumb little side project myself that I’ll be more than happy to post once I put the finishing touches on it in a few days.

a quick note: you might want to remove the file from github?


it is filled with placeholders, unless I’m not seeing something others are seeing! It looks like this over here:

consumer_key = 'woke'
consumer_secret = 'woke'
access_token = 'woke'
access_token_secret = 'woke'

I was keeping it there so people could see how it works as I’m hoping to write up a tutorial!

(But thank you for warning me!)


It’s a shame this thread has been dead since February! I like the idea of a more general programming project thread, given the other is very game focused.

I recently made a little iOS app to brush up on my Swift (I’m primarily a mobile developer but i’ve been using Xamarin for a couple of years now so I was a bit rusty on the native stuff.) It pulls random quotes from Goodreads, shows you the book cover, title, author, average review score and then lets you add that book to your Goodreads shelves so you can read it later.

Or you can just share the quote as an image.

It’s up on the app store if anyone is interested in taking a look

And the code is on github


Im writing a small Webapp that lets me and my partner make meal plans and parse those to groceries lists. I’m writing it in a framework i use at work and once that is done I’d like to reproduce that functionality with different frameworks and once without a framework.

It’s at

I’ve been thinking of doing a App a week challenge for a year but I can’t come up with that many apps :confused:


That’s cool! I feel like my partner and I could use that, we really suck at planning our meals :joy:
I share your pain about not being able to think up that many apps. I suck at coming up with ideas for side projects, my Quotey app is the first thing I’ve done outside of work for ages, outside of pushing some updates for a friend’s app.


I think I’ll go with a more a feature a week route for now. The next step is easier to see compared to having to look for a new road every week.

Meaning: the groceries app wil next week have the ability to extrapolate to a monthly household budget and how that budget is used :smiley: