Share your XCOM 2 troops!


One of the best parts of XCOM2 is customizing your troops and writing backgrounds for them. However what makes it more fun is sharing your custom troopers with friends which is where this thread comes in!

How to participate:

  1. In XCOM2 customize your characters and give them a backstory
  2. Take a nice screenshot of them
  3. Click the export button and export a small batch of soldiers
  4. Navigate to where they are stored (Documents\My Games\XCOM2\XComGame\CharacterPool\Importable)
  5. Upload the bin somewhere friendly like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc
  6. Post in this thread with a picture(s) of them, their backstory, and a link to download the character pool
  7. Be sure to list any cosmetic mods you are using!

If you are looking to expand your cosmetic choices I put together a collection of mods for Vanilla/LW2, if you have suggestions or if you made a collection for WotC let me know!

NOTE: Be aware that while cosmetic mods shouldn’t break your save game it is always a good idea to create a backup of your save games folder!!! The worst I have seen is the game giving them a random replacement cosmetic and sometimes just having it remain invisible until you manually change it.

To start things off here’s three I made tonight:

Steve ‘Slick’ Turner

Steve likes to tell everyone he was the head of a biker gang that fought back against the aliens when they first invaded but evidence we have seems to point to him being an accountant. Where he learned to shoot we’re not sure but he tends to get the job done so we don’t task.

Michaela ‘The Librarian’ Irwin

A former librarian from the small town of Valentine Nebraska she joined a local resistance cell and earned a reputation for silencing ADVENT targets she deemed talking too loudly. Part of her left arm was crushed when it was grabbed by a muton berserker just prior to her putting it down with her side arm.

Subali ‘Megahertz’ Sharma

Subali was a transfer student at Texas Tech running a pirate radio station prior to the war. Originally a way to get back at the local stations never playing the music him and his friends wanted to listen to it quickly became one of the most popular stations in the area. Unfortunately when he started it up he panicked and used the first nickname that came to mind on his first broadcast and he’s been stuck with it ever since.

Mods used
Download link


This has got me even further on the build a pc path. PS4 version looks are so bad once upgrade armour. I needs mods


Same. I was able to do interesting things with the starter sets on Xbox, but once I upgraded, everyone became cyborbs. [sic, because “cyborb” is a very funny typo]


Yeah, cosmetic mods are pretty much the reason why I’m going to get the game when I have a PC that can run it rather than just getting it for PS4.


I… may have poured hours into designing 30-odd characters from the Dungeon World campaign I’'m running, but I only have 8 screencaps from that roster. Which I deeply regret.