'Shenmue III' Explores the Uncanny Valley in First Teaser Trailer


Meet not their lidless gaze.

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I needed a good laugh today and this trailer really delivered.


maybe they just like…haven’t gotten to facial animation…or eye shaders…or like…anything to do with the characters yet…


I haven’t had the highest hopes for this game and this isn’t doing anything to dissuade those fears. A lot of this still looks like stock Unreal Engine 4 stuff, like an asset flip you’d find on Steam Greenlight


This looks soo bad, like they just wanted so hard to emulate the faces how they looked on the Dreamcast instead of actually leveraging the hardware and technology we have today.


I’m really glad we get some stylised characters (that yes, look like they’re what cheap CGI could do around the Dreamcast era when they first designed the characters) even if the lipsync isn’t quite there yet.

Much rather this than the actual uncanny valley of something like a Bioware release.


A lot of what made Shenmue great seems to be there, for once I’m not willing to join the meme-train on a game that is trying to emulate a series that used to have the biggest budget in the industry.


I backed Shenmue 3 because Shenmue 1 is THE greatest game ever made, but I’m not exactly thrilled about the trailer. It’s not the finished product so whatever, and I’ll play it no matter what. I do kinda wish they could make the game with the original engine though. That would be an actual dream come true.


I for one am looking forward to Gerry Anderson’s Shenmue