Shin Megami Tensei Metroidvania is real!

Atlus released a trailer for Strange Journey that had a fake game in it

Well that fake game is now real and free for PC

I’ll play around with it when I get home.


I can’t believe Atlus will be the one to kill Symphony of the Night

I know Demon’s Souls really came out of nowhere!

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I really wish I could read what’s happening because the game is actually got a lot of polish put into it for a free game. Even seems to carry over the weakness and resist system from the main games.

That is a tight game. Combat made interesting with the weakness and resist system and good use of abilities.

It’s a very solid game and I hope they make it a full game tbh. The map is also so SOTN it made me smile.

It’s by the devs of another game on steam: Pharaoh Rebirth+ so I figured i’d buy it too

It’s very cute and not too hard! I just beat the second boss and being mainly in Japanese hasn’t been a problem yet. One thing you may miss, though: You select items/skills by holding down your “skill” button (“C” or the X-button on a 360 pad) and using up or down to cycle through them.

Also, this is what happens when you crouch: JackFrostCamo
Gif version


It the best crouch animation I have seen in recent memory.

It was mentioned in the Discord, so I’m posting it here, too: There is an English translation if anyone wants it.

Also, there was an update (v.1.03) on the 20th.

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