Shin Megami Tensei V - officially announced for Switch

[Official Trailer]


Your avatar is appropiate.

Awesome, wish a release date was announced too.

What nightmares will we have with this?

Loved the soundtrack, too. Can’t freaking wait.

Seeing an Archangel demon being impaled on a reflector post is both cool and gruesome at the same time.

I really enjoyed Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Persona 5. Would I like this? Is it similar in any way?

It will most probably be much darker in tone than Persona and the mechanics will be different, but you will find the same bestiary and spells, and both are turn-based RPGs.
You should follow the game’s developpment closely, as chances are high you might enjoy it :smiley:

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The mainline SMT games are definitely more hardcore as far as difficulty and knowing how the systems work, but the some of the combat stuff is similar with weaknesses and extra turns for exploiting weakness.

The prior SMT games have all been a sort of first person dungeon crawl with less character interaction and development like you have in Persona and TMS.

If you have a 3DS you can get SMT 4 pretty cheap these days and give it a shot, plus it’s a great game!

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ah fuck we just spent our switch money on a pc upgrade instead lol

If they’re announcing it now, you’ve got plenty of time to save up for a Switch again before we see a Western release ^^

Having never played a mainline SMT game before, what are the odds I would enjoy this if Persona 4 golden is one of my favorite games ever?

I’m avoiding persona 5 for reasons of principle but would love something in the same vein

I can’t wait to murder God again!

The tone will likely be drastically different. No high school hijinks here. The battle system will also be different than Persona’s, but it’ll share some concepts.

I really dug SMT IV. I’d say it’s a fair bet you’ll dig this.

Is the whole “this enemy type is weak to xxx” element and gaining / fusing demons thing still core to the SMT games?

Though I’ll admit my favorite parts of persona 4 were the downtime social moments and music

I wouldn’t worry, i garauntee this is a 2019 game at the earliest.

This might just be the first mainline SMT I’ll play through. I was interested in IV on 3DS but ended up skipping it because it was $50…

That’s still a super key piece to the mainline SMT games.

God yes, a mainline SMT on my preferred platform of choice now for RPGs, and it looks like pure unadulterated SMT. Count me 100% in.

Please tell me this will come to PS4 at some point. :slightly_frowning_face: