Shinji Mikami, the Designer of ‘Resident Evil,’ Is Officially Getting Old

If my math is right, Shinji Mikami, the designer behind gaming classics like Resident Evil and Vanquish, is 55 years old. But as it turns out, my math, according to Shinji Mikami, is wrong.

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You don’t really hear about how old people are in the games industry that much. 55’s not like, that old (my average coworker in my previous gig was about 62) but that’s gotta be brutal under AAA crunch conditions.

Feels like there was a lot unsaid in this interview in re: Nakamura. Is there a crunch problem at Tango? (Probably yes, but hard to say if it’s worse than the “normal” (barf) amount of crunch at any Japanese dev.)

This is more detail than you were looking for, but to answer your question, she started having nightmares about higher-ups in the company (the article does not get into details) paired with a substantial amount of stress and declining health, which led to her departure.


Thanks for this! Missed this profile.