Should Fudge Be Chewy, Or Crumbly?

Here, am well inty fudge, me. Can’t get enough of those ittle morsels. Properly Fudge Mad I am. Love 'em. Just call me That One That Really Enjoys A Good Fudge From Time To Time. HmMmm-HmMmMMm(That, folks, is the sound of me enthusiastically rubbing my belly in anticipation for that Good Good Fudge).

Which is why I feel like it’s my God-Given Duty to present to you all the ULTIMATE in fudge questions. A question known in the deepest darkest recesses of Fudge Fandom by such names as “The Big One”, “The Thread-Killer”, “Illegal” and “The Real Humdingerino.”

So come one come all, stick your fingers in this figurative vat of molten sugar and prepare to be metaphorically sent to alegorical hospital for your engagement with “The Real Shebang”:

Should Fudge Be Crumbly, Or Chewy?

  • Hmmmmm, Give Me That Soft Chewy Goodness
  • Mmm-mmm, I Wanna Feel That Crumbly Sweetness

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Personally, I stand with the Chew. That’s where the REAL shit’s at. I’ve nothing against that crumblin’ stuff, but here: the word “Fudge” just SOUNDS chewy. Like your squeezing it through your teeth as you say it.

Cool 'em and put 'em in your mouth. I’m here to chew fudge and kick ass, and I’m all out of ass.

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if it’s crumbly it’s a brownie, thanks!!


powerful take

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To respond to the topic without reading the post:


Pardon my ignorance, but there’s fudge that’s supposed to crumble?

Or is this one of those “Boneless Mayo” things that’s intended to make me reel back in disgust?

A lot of fancy fudge places, at least over here in England, will boast about their “perfect crumbly fudge”, which does sound on the surface like a baker advertising “lovely wet bread”, or a chiropractor guaranteeing you’ll leave with “nice stiff bones”. But naw, it’s alright, bit dry for my tastes, but well loved by people with incorrect opinions about fudge.

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It should be maple dammit! #CanadaLyfe

I can’t even imagine what a crumbly fudge would be that isn’t a brownie.
Also, at risk of maybe going off topic, but i need to know… boneless mayo???

It’s not that Crumbly is bad it’s just that it’s not Fudge

I would look askance at a crumbly brownie too, tbh. Appropriate descriptors for brownies: “crisp”, “chewy”, “moist”, perhaps even “fluffy” even though that’s not my cup of batter. But “crumbly” just sounds kind of stale and dried out.

I’ve had crumbly fudge before. It was chewy fudge that had dried out on the counter, and I was still hankering for some fudge.

“Chewy” isn’t what I’d describe good fudge as either, because to me chewy to me implies something sticking to your teeth like caramel or gummy bears. To me, the ideal fudge is like a really thick frosting. Your teeth should cut through it easily, and it should very slowly melt in your mouth while you chew it. No real resistance, just a pleasantly dense ball of sweetness. You should be able to easily poke your finger into fudge and have it retain the indent.


As a person living in Scotland:…You can chew fudge? Surely at that point it’s caramel? We also have tablet, only a few steps away from crumbly, soft brown sugar, pretending to be fudge.

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Eh, this was just something I saw way too many people posting on Splatoon 2 back last year. I suppose the intention was to make me imagine “bone-in mayo” by association which is just not something I really want to think about for all that long. Kind of like crumbly fudge.

Got it, i was concerned that this was a real thing that i had to live my life aware of

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crewy / chumbly


The only good crumbly deserts aren’t even crumbly, just flaky. Chewy.

Eh, I like a good crumb/coffee cake from time to time. Especially with an actual coffee.

same here, my family has been making tablets for ages and we always just called it fudge? it probably looks awful to those accustomed to wet moist american fudge but it has a delicate flakiness to it that i think is incredible when done right

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But is it truly fudge?