Should I buy a Razer Blade (gaming laptop)?

I haven’t had a PC since 2003 and currently working off a 2013 Macbook Air. I’m considering getting the 2017 Razer Blade. I would go for the Razer Blade Stealth and Core with a GTX 1080 if the Stealth had a beefier quad core cpu. I plan to get either Oculus or Vive but don’t need a computer that can do 4k 90fps. Not considering a desktops and I want a laptop that I won’t feel ashamed to use in a business meeting (I’m looking at you Alienware). One additional thing I’m worried about the Razer Blade is that it will have a lot of fan noise even when not gaming.

Does anyone have a Razer Blade or thoughts/advice? Thanks!

Curious what people think. I’m getting a new laptop at the end of the summer and have been looking into the HP Spectre x360 15 inch.

I’ve had gaming laptops before so I’ll chime in:

The cross section between “laptops that are business appropriate” and “can run games” is basically Razer and Sager/Clevo, and I’d hazard the Razer’s better built but a Sager from a reseller like XoticPC will be more bang for the buck. Googling shows prior Blades had fan noise issues but the newest model is better in that regard.

The cheapest Blade is 1900 USD, which is enough to get you into both a solid ultrabook and a gaming desktop. I know you said you’re not considering a desktop but I’ve had both a gaming laptop as my only computer and an ultrabook/desktop setup, and I prefer the latter. The ultrabook is more portable for class/business work and the desktop is beefier for games. Best of both worlds, unless you’re a college student or traveling business person who moves often with their computer. Food for thought.


If you are thinking gaming laptops only buy them from folks like razor but be warned when the driver updates stop for your device kiss your ability to game good bye. HP stopped updating my old laptop’s graphics card and then slowly games stopped working and rather then just upgrade I had to buy a whole new computer.

I guess you could put me in the traveling business person category. I do travel longer distances by air monthly but I also will be commuting daily for work and want a PC for some computational software that is not available on a Mac, being able to do VR games at home is a bonus.

So I have early 2016 Razer Blade, they added a 1060 in it later in the year. So besides feeling burned on that front :sweat_smile:, I have generally positive things to say and would recommend it

I don’t have VR, but I’m pretty sure you can find 1060 performance stats for Vive and Oculus. Personally, it fits my gaming needs, but does get both hot/loud when running games like Mass Effect Andromeda and Fallout 4.

Regarding your other concerns, it is very slick (by far the best looking PC laptop I’ve used), but does not attract attention, save for the Razer logo on the back. To remedy that, I bought a skin from dBrand that was matte black to cover the logo. When not gaming, I have not encountered loud fans; they stay very quiet.

For further investigation/stats, I can’t reccommend youtuber Dave 2D enough, who reviews the newer model in this video.

Overall, I am very happy with this purchase. One word of warning: Razer support is infamously bad. Therefore, I purchased my Blade from the Microsoft store and bought the Microsoft protection plan so if anything goes awry for the first 2 years, I get a new laptop and don’t have to hassle with Razer.

If you have additional questions, let me know and maybe I can help.

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LTT have done a bunch of videos on the Blades throughout the years. They just put one out on the 2017 model the other day but they seem to have taken it down? Regardless, you can check the older ones here.

Gaming laptops (and laptops in general) are kind of a huge pain in terms of longevity, so I always recommend avoiding them as much as you can. But if you have no choice, the Blade certainly seems like one of the better options, albeit for extremely high prices.

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I don’t have direct experience, but I have two friends who bought Blades for games dev purposes and both laptops ended up having major hardware issues, and Razer was super not-responsive when they asked about RMA possibilities.

Disappointing, because I want to like those laptops? But from the anecdotal experiences I’ve heard they aren’t worth it

I think Razer Blade is fairy expensive, and I have a recommendation to U. ASUS ROG Zephyrus GX501. and GTX 1070 can meet your requirment. It’s the most budget one.

Friend, I think Razer Blade Pro is much better than Razer Blade. thanks to the guide that helped me choose the best 4K laptop. Read it to ease your decision-making

I think Razer Blade pro is best for gaming laptop. It has core i7 processor, 32Gb ram and a great GPU. Everything made it gaming heaven you batter read review to compare Razer blade to other laptop.

I would personally recommend going for ASUS laptops, as most of the Razer laptops are just show and no go. I have been using ASUS and MSI laptops for quite a while now and can surely vouch for their stellar performance. I have personally played games like Call Of Duty and Mass Effect on medium to high settings and they run smoothly. The bigger denominator and the deciding factor is the price to performance ratio, and in that aspect, I would say that MSI is the best gaming laptop under $1000 that suffice any gamer’s appetite to maximum.

I have one that’s 3 or 4 years old now and have had no hardware issues to speak of other than the fan being quite loud when the GPU is in use for gaming (more recent iterations may have improved on that, I wouldn’t know). You absolutely do get better bang for your buck elsewhere, but I like it because it comes in under 5 pounds which most other options I found at the time did not. If portability is not a huge priority for you, I think I’d look to something else (even if it’s just the razer blade pro). I’ve seen luggage handlers chucking checked in bags around, so I always carry it on and something not that heavy to lug around when I travel is a pretty big deal to me.

I also can’t comment on battery life because I always use it plugged in.

Razer laptops are very much costly. So I would recommend you to check the Asus gaming laptop. Asus have varieties of options for gaming and from last 6 months, I am also using Asus ROG GL752 Premium Gaming Laptop without facing any issues.

The aero15x is and aero14 from Gigabyte are fairly inconspicuous laptops with great battery life that also function as relatively beefy gaming PCs.

If I were buying one today, the MSI GS65 Stealth might be worth a look:

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