Should I get into RWBY?


I really enjoy RWBY, but I definitely understand why it’s so hit-or-miss for people. The first season or two has pretty cringey dialog and animation that doesn’t really hold up anymore, but it’s short, it’s cute, it’s fun, and the fight choreography is great. (That food fight scene, y’all). Season 3 is still cute and fun but the stakes get ramped up to 11. Some people lose their arm, some people die.

Season 4 is the one that’s kind of a slog. Most of the characters are split up and doing their own things. They’re starting to delve deeper into the lore as they start journeying across the world, but mostly they’re just recovering from the season 3 finale for a lot of it. Everything is much more serious. The animation is much better in general, but still in a transition period before it finally gets really great. Also this is the first season after Monty died, and the fight choreography is just terrible, especially compared to what you were used to from previous seasons.

Seasons 5 and 6 are much, much better. The animation is the best it’s ever been, and the fight choreography, while never quite getting back to Monty levels, is a lot closer. Lore is beginning to ooze out of every orifice, and we meet the big bad of the entire planet. Also you finally find out what happened to the moon. Some characters hold hands and thusly beloved ships become canon.

Early seasons have cringey dialog but just watch it for the rad fight scenes. Season 4 is bad. Seasons 5 and 6 are great all around. Absolutely worth your investment if your love of the early fights overcomes your hate of the early dialog.


I’d generally agree, on the season analysis.

Though I also recently binge-watched all of this in the past few months. I’m currently addicted to the music from it, and may try to learn the Shine dance at some point. XD

I’m glad I caught up as Season 6 was ending, so I didn’t have to wait week-to-week too much.

For myself, I eat up traditional anime tropes (high school, chibi, etc), so the first couple seasons was fine, and since I only had seen earlier RvB stuff prior to this, it made sense about the quality.

If you can get through the first 2-3 seasons, then watch! :smiley: