Should I go to the 14th floor?


I live in a 13 story apartment building. Weird thing is, the elevator has button for the 14th floor, with a big piece of tape next to it that says “do not press.” So at first I thought there was a 14th floor that was only for supers or something, but I live on the twelfth floor, and when I look up at my apartment from the street, there’s only one floor above me.

So my second thought is the elevator was installed with the wrong number of buttons. Well, recently people have been getting in the elevator with me and hitting the button for the 14th floor! I try to point out that it says ‘do not press’ but they just look at me! I tried to wait with them once, and see where the elevator went, but they just hit 12th floor button and hold down the open doors button until I get out. Pretty rude behavior.

Here’s the worst part! they’ve started bringing cakes up there. The last cake they had was super nice and in the shape of a racecar! So basically I wanna go up there, and tell them I won’t leave until I get some of those fancy cakes. Should I do it?


Don’t do it! You’ll shoot out the top like the elevator in Willy Wonka.


Take the stairs and claim ignorance


nah the stairs won’t work. once you get to the top they just keep goin’. you can walk up em for an hour if you want, but then walk back down to the top floor in a few seconds. I use it to exercise, it’s pretty convenient


Try hanging around the elevator with a cake and hope someone lets you in?


What type of cake though?


a coles mud cake should do the trick

Coles Mud Cake 600g


Get to the 13th floor and clip through the ceiling.


guys i really think the Hooded Ones are good on cakes


If you just show up with a delicious cake I’m not sure anyone is going to ask any questions


look the whole reason i wanna go up there is so i don’t have to pay for cake.


rare insider look at the 14th floor


I’m not going to lie, I’m starting to question you’re commitment to crashing this 5 year old’s birthday party.


The question you gotta be asking yourself is what could eat all that cake and are you sure you want to meet it?


This is some Night Vale shit.


Sorry, have we established yet if this is one of those buildings where they skipped the 13th floor out of superstition? Like as the OP says it’s a 13 story building but the 13th floor is labelled 14 because 13 is bad luck?


Well, I can say for sure at this point that the building contains 14 floors though only appears to have 13 from the exterior.


I swear this exact thing was covered in Douglas Adam’s Mostly Harmless.


Yes, and in the 14th floor some Eyes Wide Shut shit is going on. That, or “Im’ containing a Satanic Zombie Apocalypse here by giving cake to the caged zombies”

Just be careful, OP.


Time to get Schrödinger on the case