Should the 3DS be killed in favor of the Switch?

Lots of opinions seems to favor pushing Nintendo to take the stance of killing the 3DS line and transfer games into the Switch as a single system, especially since E3.

We’ve come at a point where even a Polygon take is wholly on this side, referencing the killing of the system as an “amazing gift” Nintendo could give to fans.

What’s your opinion on this ? Are there people still using their 3DS ?

I still use older systems. I don’t think the Switch is still cheap enough for a large segment of their market, so I don’t see why they shouldn’t continue developing for the 3DS.

I should add that the Switch currently doesn’t really need much help in selling.

Hell no, there’s absolutely no reason the two systems can’t exist alongside each other. It’s not like the Switch can fit in your average pocket after all.

I take my Switch to work, on holidays and generally have it with me whenever I’m already bringing a bag. I bring my 3DS EVERYWHERE.


I don’t personally use my 3DS any more, but, while I understand where this line comes from, I don’t really want Nintendo to put the 3DS on the alter of the Switch. The oft-raised notion that it will alleviate the Switch supply situation (which Kuchera doesn’t go into) is highly dubious. Kuchera says that Nintendo games on mobile mean that the 3DS “has fewer and fewer reasons to exist”, which I honestly don’t agree with. It isn’t as if Super Mario Run came out to universal praise; the use-case still exists. We’re likely to see a draw-down in 3DS games, but they’re almost certainly still cheap and efficient to make in comparison to Switch games.

Kuchera isn’t recommending that it happen in the short-term, which is about where I sit on it. At the end of the day, I (as a consumer) don’t feel like I have the information to ‘Monday morning quarterback’ video game companies.

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I haven’t used my 3DS since I got the Switch but I don’t see why they should kill it. It sold tons of units and probably has lots of users that can’t afford a Switch right now. I don’t see why it can’t be a gradual switch (heh) over the next year or two from one platform to another as the price of the new console comes down.

The idea that you should just kill a console just because a new one is out and better is an idea that I feel can only be endorsed and pushed for by the kind of person that has a lot of dosh to throw around, and a disconnect from finanically struggling people who still want to engage in this hobby. It’s an opinion to have, but I personally think it’s one that’s a bit shitty, especially to people who aren’t in a stable place, financially.


Lots of people (including people who don’t consider themselves “gamers”, I’ll note) still have and play their 3DS. Whatever allows the largest number of people to play the most amount of games, I am for, and killing a popular, affordable, still-viable system doesn’t sound like the way to accomplish that.

In my experience I been playing the Switch more than my 3DS with only going back to 3DS when I don’t have games to play on Switch. Will the 3DS be killed off, yes. However, it’ll be slow since there still games are still coming out for it as Atlus has 3 big titles at the beginning of 2018 and what ever title that are still in development from other developers.

fuck no
the 3ds is boss
best time capsule in video games
right now
i use mine - and 2ds (new one) - often

I don’t think it should be artificially killed. If it’s still got demand, keep going.

I do think not having a 3DS successor may be a better route, depending on how the Switch pans out longer term. (and if it becomes more affordable/accessible for the handheld favouring folks)


There is absolutely no reason for Nintendo to kill the 3DS at this point. It has a massive userbase, and as long as software continues to sell, there’s no reason to cut support. And the existence of games like Fire Emblem Echoes doesn’t somehow negate the fact that a Switch Fire Emblem title is coming next year, either. I mean, heck, Nintendo supported the Super Famicom in Japan throughout the '90s, well after the Nintendo 64 had launched and was in full stride.

The idea that Nintendo should kill the 3DS as a “gift” is absurd.

lol Polygon lol


Yeah this isn’t the developers leaving WiiU for Switch case. 3DS is too strong and has games still in the works. If you want a Pokemon game on the Switch that’ll be next year when Gamefreak has time to work with the Switch. Also not everything is easy to port just cause something has more power.

Maybe without merit, because I’ve played my 3DS more than my Switch since launch. But I feel like it’s this assumption that games will magically float onto the Switch, even though they’ve been in development for years? And like, this is 1000% a pricing issue too. In Canada, a Switch is $400 and the games are usually $80. That ain’t cheap. A 3DS is literally half the price on both, and can be much more affordable for gamers who can’t afford to go all in on a more expensive option.

Like, me, for most of my life.

I like Nintendo is the only big console company that makes serious accommodations for kids. I think that’s really wonderful and important! A very child friendly/oriented portable is just about the best way to cater to kids imo. The switch isn’t that to me. Not to say it’s unusable for a kid, but its not really something I imagine many parents getting for their 7 y/o. They might get it for themselves and let the kid have a turn. The 3DS (and 2DS even moreso) are excellent for kids and it’ll break my heart if that niche disappears

I’m in the same boat. The switch seems like a stellar system but I can’t afford one and I don’t think I would use it the same way as I currently use my 3DS. Portability goes different ways and this is why I feel the 3DS still has a place in the industry, and with the amount of JRPGs I have yet to play and are yet to come, I’m set for at least a year lol

Also I’m going to feel a bit sad that the two screens is going to phase out, my favorite games are the ones using it fully : Hotel Dusk, The World Ends With You, Another Code, Etrian Odyssey, Trauma Center (!), etc

I don’t really know how or if Etrian Odyssey will make the transition. Maybe it’ll just stay on 3DS forever until Nintendo makes another dual-screen system?

I can see them simplifying the system to allow us to use our fingers. At least I feel EO would be considerably easier to adapt than a Trauma Center, it it can even be done.

Trauma Center adapted to the Wii fairly well, I think, and the Switch’s controllers have pretty similar functionality.

Without a second screen, and a resistive touch screen at that, I think something like Etrian Odyssey would be difficult. The best I can think of would be a translucent overlay of the map over the whole screen, with a command to make it opaque. That could make it so that you can always see the map and also mark it whenever.

I love my 3DS and think the system has some life left in it – it’s been getting more playtime than my Switch lately – but it does seem like Nintendo is missing an opportunity by not moving faster toward consolidating their efforts behind a single platform. I don’t think they need to cut off existing 3DS owners, but why aren’t games like Hey Pikmin, Fire Emblem, or Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon coming to the Switch as well?

It shouldn’t be killed but I would rather they not make another DS model and just focus on the Switch instead of trying to get people to buy a $200 portable along with the $300 portable