Should Waypoint Become Maypoint for May Day?

  • yes
  • no
  • workers of the world unite

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feels bad to spread this bad corporate stunt further but here we are


change it to “gaypoint” during pride month but then just never change it back and never talk about it


changing it to haypoint for international woman farmers day


change it to Neighpoint for World Horse Day


change it to Baepoint on February 14th plz


Change it to Wayjoint on 4/20


Change it to Playpoint for Saudi Arabia’s Gamer’s Day. (Wait what do you mean “Waypoint” is already a video game thing?)


Change it to Treypoint when Steph gets his third ring.


Wheypoint for World Milk Day? :milk_glass:

NoWheypoint for Food Allergy Awareness Week :no_entry_sign: :milk_glass:


Change it to Daypoint for every day—every day is worth celebrating


dont’ understand…cant vote for all 3??

new idea: change it t giant Bomb


shit’s going to get crazy when we rename it Yaypoint


Change it to Staypoint once everyone realizes they can never leave.


Change it to Sleighpoint for Christmas. And Slaypoint for September 4th.


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