Show me your 2017 Photo Mode shots! (image intensive)


Hey, I called 2017 the year of the photo mode in my latest piece. And I got to put some lovely photos in that, but I know there’s thousands more images and stories out there. I want to see yours!


Hey y’all, Kahlief here! I can only post one since i’m new to the forums but I’ll add more later. Thank you for making this fantastic thread.


From early in the year.


my art


V partial towards this gem


Does it have to be a 2017 game? I’ve only gotten around to playing Arkham Knight this year :stuck_out_tongue:


Gravity Rush 2

The Witcher 3

Final Fantasy Type-0

Horizon Zero Dawn


Nier Automata


I did some faux-photoshoots with Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn. The photo mode in that game is really good


I loved playing around with the photo mode in No Man’s Sky earlier this year. It let me get a closer look at the planets & the creatures that reside on them like never before. I’m eager to get back to it in the new year.


I love Horizon. The photo mode just makes it that much better.


I took a good few pictures, but for now at least, here’s some shots of the boss room for Mario Odyssey’s flower kingdom:


this year, photo modes really kept me interested in games that I normally would have stopped playing earlier than I did. Nintendo seems to think they’re important for their games, and I really hope they continue to add them in them in the future.


Im going to cheat a little and some of these arent from a photomode but i still liked them a lot

Watchdogs 2


Ghost Recon Wildlands


Little Nightmares
these were from a metagame i played where any toilet paper i found, i tried to carry as far as i could


Agents of Mayhem
unlike most games that limit how far you can swing the camera, using nvidia ansel let you roam anywhere on the map so i got really into the lowdetail geometry that made up the inaccessible outer edges of the city


Super Mario Odyssey


Assassins Creed Origins
ive posted the majority of the photos i took that i liked in our picture book thread but these are a few that i didnt



I only have this one but it’s good



i got a lot of em from AssCreed Origins



Not a 2017 game but a game I definitely enjoyed a bunch in 2017.

My in-game photography style apparently is “I heard of the rule of thirds once,”


I don’t think any of these were taken in photo modes, but they’re cool I think!

Off Peak

Metal Gear Solid V

Islands (Non-places)

The Beginner’s Guide


Really like the No Man’s Sky photo mode:


These are absurdly incredible. The second one in particular looks like official promotional art rather than an in-game screenshot. Can you adjust things like the lighting and pose within the photo mode, or did you have to run around and find the perfect spots and perfect idle animations to get these wonderful shots?