Show Me Your OC

Do you have an OC? Maybe a fursona? Or maybe you have a character in a tabletop RPG campaign that you’re really fond of?

Whatever it is share them here. Show me your OCs and let’s talk about them!

(artwork by

This is Gh0st. They’re my current sona that I use in most online spaces. I’ve always had an idea for a ghost character for a long time and I finally decided to finally get artwork done of them. Outside of being a ghost, they’re pretty much me. In a way they pretty much allow me a way to talk about being queer online without having to use my real name because East Texas is bad and it’s still legal here to fire a person if you think they’re gay.

They also like to @ Disneyland on Twitter trying to get a job as the 1,000 happy haunt in the Haunted Mansion.


I have way more OC’s but this is my sona. Alex.
They’re basically myself except a bit more daring outfit-wise.
Drew them tired AF because it’s my default state of being.
(Like me they also wear glasses but honestly I forgot)



mine are done by ! Shes very good and I like my fursona, tho I need to get her icons updated for new gender



This is Michiko, one on my five billion Danganronpa OCs, she’s SHSL Beauty Blogger and she’s very Good and Pure and also an absolute mess

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Got more art this weekend

An extra spooky gh0st

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Art by the incredible hazeiwood

Created these Dragon Age OCs together with @fifthblight. They’re a dwarf called Hacha and a tal-vashoth called Ore. They are extremely in love and very much a “me and you against the world” kind of couple & I love them…



I’ve really liked the idea of dragon royalty, so I made a dragon queen.