Show Me Your PUBG Replays!


So I am a giant fan of PUBG’s new Replay viewer, which allows you to check out previous games you have played, and I have been capturing footage from it and editing that footage into cinematic moments of pure adrenaline and excitement.

I made one about avenging a teammate, one about the casino on the new desert map, and another about my friend doing a bad job with a motorcycle.

That same friend has also made a very rad video of me taking down an entire team.

I’m very interested in talking directorial technique as well, especially in regards to “real time” camera movement while gameplay is happening. I would love if I could change the camera scroll speed, but I haven’t figure out how to either do that in a legit way or trick the replayer into letting me to it somehow. I want to get a dramatic push-in!

I was wondering if other people have been making their own “cinematic” retellings of PUBG matches with this tool? I want to see them if so!

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Playing it on CrashBoxOne, so no desert map, and no in game replays. Xbox does allow video capture and editing though, so I’ve grabbed some clips.

Hadn’t considered uploading beyond X1’s own eco-system, but I might now, if they’re welcome here.


I think you could still do some really interesting editing with those! For sure, I’m not sure anything is off-topic for this.


I’ve had the most fun trying to piece together what I can about the stories of other players who were in the same match as me. Like this, the tragedy of PeenoFalcone.


Something I’ve been thinking about with regards to editing these that I’m not sure about is whether periodic integration of the player UI is a bad thing. I’ve had moments where I thought a zoom-in on the kill feed would be cinematically interesting, but I don’t know if keeping a consistent style of hiding the UI is better presentation overall?

Also while I think the camera scroll speed is locked, you could slow down the speed of the replay to effectively increase the relative scroll speed of the camera then increase the speed of the relevant parts in post production editing thereby giving you some flexibility with moving camera shots.


My replays are mostly me failing, but I’ve had some moments.
these are just the most recent.
(not really using the replay function here other than capturing the audio on that near chicken dinner but nvidia share does good work) < roadkill karma < failed car trap < almost chicken dinner
Do they still allow you to share a car on solo? If not my car trap was doomed from the start.


I don’t have a replay to share but I wanted to say this is extremely cool. Better video (machinima) tools in more games is excellent news and hopefully these will continue to be developed and iterated upon.

#8'S%20BATTLEGROUNDS%2012.19.2017%20-%2000.30.44.04.DVRTrim.mp4?dl=0 The best thing I’ve done in PUBG


I’ve been taking a more analytical use of PUBG replays and making YouTube videos where I examine the outside factors allowed my squad to advance to end game or even chicken dinner. Trying to paint the importance of positioning and tactics over shooting: PUBG Tactics Video


I’ve made two with the replay system that I am at least a little bit proud of. I’m still getting my mind used to thinking about choosing camera angles and stuff rather than just slapping together shadowplay clips.


I’ve got this silly one


my first shot at using the replay tools to get a better sense of a 1v1 moment


Lots of videos on my channel, but this one of my amazing camping skills got a lot of attention:


My first foray into 1.0 ended well.


Thanks for sharing all of these, everyone! It’s been interesting to see how “cinematic” things are.

I had a conversation after I wrote about these the other day, and the person I was talking with basically floated the idea that PUBG is an interactive movie, with the implication being that rendering it into film should be a work of translating that gameplay into nice camera angles that play up that already-existing cinematic quality. And I don’t know if I think so! My favorite of these so far have been the ones that have used impossible angles, tableaus instead of action shots, and just generally “bad” filmmaking to capture the strange action of the game. Thoughts?

Also I made another one, this time about the wrestling arena:


I’ve made an even NEWER one about a car that just couldn’t help but live its own life.


Oh man, I like the places that one goes.

Personally, I like the “slice-of-life” style that you’re going for with these, as the vibe of the “action movie” style seems better suited for real time viewing on streams and such. I don’t know, I might have to see some examples, but I just like highlighting some of the things that get passed over in PUBG. Or capturing some absurdity from odd angles, like the one Wazanator posted.

I should try messing around my replay footage.


New video, of the start of a match, and how it turns out getting a gun (or a better gun) after you land doesn’t always mean you’ll come out ahead in a fight

i should move away from the text being see through and just make it a solid colour, readability on a small screen is very bad for what i’ve been trying


I haven’t done much video work before, much less directorial work. So I went with a simple concept that’s easy to accomplish. My first PUBG Document is found footage from a security checkpoint camera in Erangel.


I think this is so good, and partially it’s because the observer camera of PUBG is this weird, inhuman, clipping thing that can be anywhere at any moment at any time, and yet you’ve grounded it in this really normal, serious position with a realistic aesthetic. What a damn good thing.