Show Me Your PUBG Replays!


I like this a lot, and I agree with you on the letters. I wonder if you could even cut down on a lot of the text? Like cut to the first person’s face / their hands / second person / their gun / shot of them running out of the house. I’m really trying to work on my visual storytelling in my own replays, and you’ve given me a lot to think about there.


This is an older video, and doesn’t use the replay system, but I made a little highlights video of the first fog game I played when that mode was made available (please come back soon I love you fog)


@austin_walker narrated my amazing grenade play :smiley:

My view was like so


I’ve been making a few clips recently. From shorter first person perspective videos to documents in the style of Kunzelman’s clips, and I created a longer video of a drop two friends and I had in Pecado wherein I found out that Twitter has a video length upload limit of 2:20. It’s been a lot of fun learning how to edit videos and make interesting replay clips with the replay editor.


I’m starting to really dislike the replays as a way to record play.

I’ve had a lot of really cool plays I wanted to record, saved the replay, but in the replay, it’s just jumbled, inaccurate garbage.

I run out a building, turn to the sound of an engine in the distance, two shots in full auto with an ironsights AKM, and kill a driver at like 200 meters. In the replay, the shots happen between the facing/aiming updates, and audio only plays on one of them (Every single time.) the second one playing audio when I get into a vehicle 5 or so seconds later. So it sounds wrong, you can’t tell it was auto, and you can’t see the shots actually being made.

Back to shadowplay I guess.


Last match of the night and I came in 2nd place. Thought it would make a great and quick replay. Two hours and three reshoots later, I came up with this:

I have to say, I’m really not a fan of the replay controls, but I managed to get the hang of them after playing with the keybinds a bit, and accidentally figuring out how freecam works differently when you have the playback bar visible.


Yeah there’s a problem in that you’re re-rendering the entire world state. To get good footage, I often have to back up a few seconds before where I want to go, pause it for a couple seconds, and then hit play. That generally gives me an accurate render.

The difference for me is honestly the angles – replays just do so much more than the normal recording.


Yes the controls can be really frustrating, accidentally left click and the shot is ruined by you switching to spectate someone. I’ve heard some people use a controller because it’s easier.


I record (and usually end up deleting) everything when I play so when playing around with the replays I’m using my original audio to correct the weird stuff with the audio. Some simple adjustments to make a lot of it reflect distances and directions but then again I love to tinker.


Inspired by @boodoo’s take!


I remapped the left click button away from the ‘attach to play’ action and it made the viewer 1000% more usable.


Great thread! I can’t wait to see everyone’s videos!
I’ve been cutting goofy PUBG videos together since I started playing but here are a few of the shortest/best ones: < I tried to ramp over my friend but misjudged the distance. < My friend Kayley took a little too long while she was driving us in the red zone. < I clutched a team fight with an UMP


The framing on that last shot is incredible! Nice work!


I had a MUCH easier time after rebinding some keys, although the game seems to reset some (but not all??) of my keybindings when I restart it.

Mouse1: Camera zoom in
Mouse2: Reset cam zoom



@Appleguysnake I’ll give these a try they sound like they make it much better


The camera work is definitely not amazing here but this was the first time I felt compelled to actually set up a shot and record it


I made another video recently about a friend and I chasing after Crates in Miramar. I’m pretty proud of this one!


Begging for Mercy

Make sure your volume is down lmao.


Returning to the thread with a new document:


Holding shift (or whatever binding) makes the camera fly faster just like with running. I’m not sure but I think ctrl, aka walk (for me anyway) will move more slowly. I find combinations of strafing with forward/ backwards movement and certain angles can help achieve desired speeds and effects. A more analog control of camera speed would be nice such as scroll wheel for variable speed. Would make for more professional movement. But ya, I’m hoping to start doing some cinematic runthroughs of replays as well as ones that analyze combat situations and mistakes and best practices. Kinda like a sports highlights meets combat debriefing with allthe fancy readouts of a military style movie, but arrows, lines, etc like sports casters/ generals use. Well, mistakes at least, I’m still kinda noob. Probably sounds retarded, but trustme it would be cool assuming it looks how I envision it lol.