Show off your Fallout 4 Settlements!


Creating elaborate garbage towns in FO4 is one of my favorite game activities in recent years. As somebody who lives in Boston, it’s been weirdly comforting these last few months to see everybody building up these little outposts where—even in a global worst-case scenario—cranky New Englanders can still eke out recognizable existences. I’d love to see your favorite FO4 settlements that you’ve built, or even just that you’ve seen posted elsewhere!

Here’s one that I’ve spent objectively Too Much time on (+ almost overloaded with mods):


I am Really excited after watch this video! I have my Blog and will write for you about Fallout 4 Settlements!



wow, your town is amazing! i don’t have one of my own to show (never got far in FO4) but i love all the detail you put into it. really feels like a lived-in space.


Dang. Sad to see this didn’t get more activity. I made the mistake of claiming a bunch of towns and spreading my attention so thin that they eventually just became burdens instead of neat projects.

Hagentown seems really neat!