Show off your Gundams

Anyone on here build Gundams? I’m pretty new to Gunpla and I want to see what everyone else is doing. I also blatantly want to show off the most Waypoint ass Gundam build I could think of doing.

So what are ya’ll working on?


Okay I know this isn’t exactly what you’re looking for but I wanted the excuse to show off my favorite childhood toy lmao.
As you can see, they’re missing tons of their parts, has a hand from another Gundam, (Sandrock, which I unfortunately melted when I had one of those phases with fire) has a bunch of red-ish clay from when I’d make extra armor for my toys, and you know, that other arm isn’t missing a hand, it’s a Buster Arm! (also Garnet says sup)

I only just found out the actual name for it after finally looking it up cause of this thread, “Space Gundam” was what was in my head whenever I got this as a kid.


I just bought my second Gunpla ever yesterday, an HG Wing Gundam ^^

Here’s the first, which I still haven’t gotten around to panel-lining.


I didn’t really customize mine but I’ve built a Gundam in my time:


Wait, what is that Centurion looking one from, that’s awesome.

I LOVE THIS GUNDAM. It’s cool seeing that people can genuinely play with these as toys, and it looks like a mobile you’d find at the beginning of a Gundam show. Also the Buster Arm is real and I believe in it.

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Can I also break the rules and show off a library model I built for my wife?


That’s the Tallgeese from Gundam Wing!

Gunpla are rad and I wish I had any to show y’alls. Maybe someday!


Please, break the rules all you like. That model is amazing

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It’s one of these, it looks like.


i’m, like, ludicrously bad at model-building - particularly the painting - so i don’t have anything of my own to contribute to this thread. just wanted to drop by and say that my heart aches for one of these:

i just don’t have it in me to drop the money to import one knowing that i’d inevitably mess it up.


I’ve only recently started and really just done the most basic super beginner builds. Neither of these are great, I messed up stickers on the Z’Gok and the Zaku went through an apartment move that wasn’t exactly kind to it, but I really enjoyed both builds and am excited to do more. My goal for the time being is to have HG’s of all Char’s custom suits (I love my no good very bad murder boyfriend).


Just finished my first Master Grade build this weekend and found it to be a lot more satisfying to build and pose than the High Grades I have worked on.

The issue that I am running into is that I am super nervous to apply the dry transfer or water slide decals because I think I will do it wrong and make it look terrible. Does anyone have suggestions for a good way to practice these? Or even suggestions of a high grade or other smaller kit that uses these that I could start with?


Yo, is that a YF-19??? I need that thing now.

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yup! or, rather, it’s a VF-19 Advance, from the end of the Macross Frontier movies. basically an upgraded production-model YF-19 with a FAST pack.

the YF/VF-19 is both my favourite mecha AND my favourite space fighter, in anything, and this is probably my favourite version of it. I’ve got more nostalgic attachment to the VF-19 Fire Valkyrie from Macross 7 - first Macross series, and I still love it dearly, plus redddd - buuuut it just looks so cool with the extra boosters and everything, 'specially in fighter and battroid modes.

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I didn’t even know Macross had Gunpla @_@.


vapla? valkpla?? varipla??? idk :joy:

but yeah it’s totally a thing and it’s so good, they transform and everything. even harder to get hold off outside of japan than gunpla tho - thx as always harmony gold :roll_eyes: - and if you want the instructions in english you’re gonna have to translate them yourself, or reallllly hope some other fan uploaded a translation at some point.

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Bionicle are Gundams, I will not be accepting counter arguments.

Also, yo, just a thought but: Bionicle Lore Reasons, anyone?

Edit: you know, considering how long it took to get a hold of Brutaka’s Olmak mask, you’d think I’d noticed if it was covered up by a pair of Toa Feet.


Just finished my Wing Gundam!

Fun build if a little easy. I think I might be ready for a higher grade build after the RX-78-2 and this one. I really must get around to panel-lining them though.


You just gonna tease us with Mega Man in the background and half a Sonic head huh?