Show off your player characters! (Image Intensive)


This is a thread for showcasing screenshots of your custom player characters, e.g. your Shepards, Ryders, Hawkes, sole survivors, lone wanderers, bosses, etc. Hell, post some pics of your Stardew Valley farmer for all I care.

I’ll start things off with a shot of my (main) Inquisitor:

And my Ryder:


My Bosmer necromancer-archer.

And my Bosmer warhammer-archer.


Time to show my Monk catboy getting ready for Stormblood :ok_hand:

That is pretty good. Is it post-patch ? I haven’t played Andromeda since then but I didn’t think characters could be this good-looking and I spent at least a good 2 hours on Ryder.


Right then, my main Inquisitor:

…and my first Ryder:


It’s pre-patch, actually! Guess I lucked out and chose the right preset.


Here’s my Inquisitor and Ryder. I have some cool characters in Fallout but the XBOX One is kind of lame for screencapping so I haven’t gotten around to it.


i don’t play guild wars 2 anymore but i still like these people i made


I have way too many pictures of my Shepard


South Park: The Stick of Truth:

Fallout 4 couple:

The Ryder Twins:

Dragon Age Inquisition:
Chloe Moretz lookalike Inquisitor

My main Inquisitor


The only screenshot I found of my 12th Doctor lookalike Bloodborne character


Just sitting here in Mist, waiting for stormblood… waiting…


Here’s my inquisitor.

and also here’s Ellen Page


I wonder if I’m gonna be the only one to post Style Savvy screenshots on here


My GW2 main, Sette.

And my main alt, Aestyl Temkin.


This is my Guardian:

Like any good RPG character, everything she wears is glowing.


This is my Ryder.

And my FF14 character.

And one of my Guild Wars 2 characters.

I might like blue.


today, someone messaged me in-game and said “lol you look like a wedding dress”. i’m mostly annoyed i didn’t realise that until now.


Here’s my (very teeny tiny) Watcher! Pillars doesn’t have much in the way of physical customization, but I’m a strong proponent of the “wear armor that looks nice even if the stats are bad” school of thought, so I’m pretty proud of how cool she looks.


Your girl has a style when it comes to Ubisoft game:

Obligatory WoW char:


meet Ruruka Ruuka, powerful wizard, warrior of light, historical scholar and big noob


“You can’t fight if you don’t look cute” is a motto to live by tbh.