Show off your player characters! (Image Intensive)

I’m not a veteran but as someone who also likes a military aesthetic. Same, mood, etc. to all of that.

@nat.clayton Damn, Absolver’s outfits got even better since I dropped off. Oh, now I really want to find time before the lockdown ends to get back into Absolver. Man, to be back in the weekend I spent during the terrible heat wave of the summer of 2017 worried about grad school but spending hours shirtless and soaked in sweat in my 90+ degree apartment doing 1v1 duels in Absolver. I still don’t get why that game hasn’t gotten more acclaim.

And then I guess I should post a PC…

Man, speaking of anxiety about liking military aesthetic, remember how good all the outfits were in the first Division?

That the sequel couldn’t meet this standard was honestly a massive disappointment.


It’s genuinely the only fighting game I’ve really stuck with, but for a few reasons it didn’t quite catch on. I had friends who bounced off when they found the co-operative stuff lacking, while I imagine the whole convoluted process of unlocking moves didn’t land with more traditional FG players. I guess For Honor is doing similar things with its combat system (stances, etc), but it’s missing that whole “develop your own moveset” charm, and FH’s style just doesn’t land for me as hard as Absolver’s faceless, painterly martial arts.

But yeah. IIRC they added a bunch of new gear when Downfall (the update wot added a semi-procedural dungeon) dropped. Some of the 'fits in that are absolutely stunning.

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Too late, I got back into Warframe instead.

Check out my elegant as heck bug/cat/fae/space ninja! She’s battlefield and ballroom ready!

Someone call me out on how my last three posts all deal in the same olive green/black/grey/gold outfit palette.


Oh wow, these are incredible!

Hello! This is my FF14 character Petra Pythe (I’m on Hyperion on Primal!) and I’m your local friendly mediocre Dragoon!


The photo mode in Warframe is amazing and the fact that you have to unlock parts of it is hilarious (also annoying, very annoying).

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XIV’s stare game is still on point.


It’s been a bit over a year since I last played Fallout 4, which means it’s time to play Fallout 4 again. Might try to bang out the rest of the achievements as well. No particular plans with this build, probably going to do the same sneaky sniper I always do.


got my fancy level 50 PALADIN armour and immediately took most of it off

finally put together a NINJA look I like

RED MAGE ? I don’t have much magic gear to work with


Hit Rank X in Splatoon 2 this morning. Well chuffed with myself, and the simple (yet fresh) Sweater that helped carry me to victory.

Swapped out the boots in the last stretch for their perks - not super keen on the look, think the not-Doc Martin’s fit the style better.


Pardon my (very) muddy screenshot but the punk look I’ve got going on in Generation Zero is too good not to share imo.


You get to watch yourself grow up on the character creation screen in Mount & Blade II.


So i’m still playing Fallout 4, still with the same character, but since i’m working through Nuka World I figured i’d give her an aesthetically appropriate makeover.


got a new catboy outfit from PvP in FFXIV


Phantasy Star Online 2 is out and I’ve played it long enough to get some $$$ for a decent fit for my 6 foot tall demon lady.

(I don’t know if there’s a way to pose and do expressions without the cut-ins!! SEGA should do something about that.)


I too dove in on PSO2 because of the character creator, accidentally got really into making my 6+’ broad-shouldered space katana lesbian in a Future Business Suit, and now here we are


Hi, please rate my B.J. Blazkowicz in Quake Champions

And yes he does have 2 knives


Two visible knives, anyway. They might have at least five more strapped to their body.


He did carry like 7 in New Order.

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Taking a little break from the main story post Stormblood to do some GUNNERY

and some HEALING