Show off your player characters! (Image Intensive)


I showed my hunter some months ago when I first started the game, so here’s an update :smiley:


she(also my bros elzen)


DA:I was my first Dragon Age, so I’ve finally decided to roll back time and re-do the series, starting with my first Origins playthrough, in-between other gaming investments. Here’s Mira Cousland, retrieving a dog. (The dog is named “Bärkpants,” if you’re curious.)


i’ve been playing the Harry Potter phone game and it is ok so here is my wizard

The Cooler Ruby


I swear Hogwarts is the school where Ruby Foster would get a stern talking to and detention for being so successfully punk.


I’ve been sitting on this name for years and, now that Dark Iron Dwarves are playable, I finally have cause to use it.


It took a lot of wasted time and arguably too much actual money but, yo, have you seen how cool my Guardian looks?

Look at that color temperature cohesion, with all natural shaders no less, and only the most tastefully subtle cool contrasting lines on the pant legs, and the interesting contrast of Celestial Nighthawk with the otherwise motley apparel giving it a hint of high class. This is a hunter that roughs it in the day but still gets invited to the tastelessly overposh New Monarchy soirees.


Yoooo, I don’t know how I never thought of uploading a pic of my Guardian. I’ll have to do that later this week when I’m back at my PS4. I too have a hunter with that nice Celestial Nighthawk and a whole superhero thing going on lol.


Ladies and gentlemen may I introduce to you, the Fowl of Fire and Flame…the One who flew to close to the Sun…theeeeee ~Burning Rooster~!