Show off your player characters! (Image Intensive)


Those tattoo sleeves really are something huh.


Here is my MHW Hunter, Anaïs and her palico, Fortunado.

Here we are reenacting the CONGRATULATIONS scene from Evangelion


Realised I got Sunset Overdrive for free on Games with Gold ages ago, decided to finally give it a go:

I love this perfect asshole.

(For real, this game’s character creator/outfit stuff is so freakin’ good that it’s made me realise how much I miss this sort of thing in open world games! Feels like it’s been ages since I last had the chance to muck around with this many outfit/hair options, and I know I haven’t even unlocked a bunch of stuff yet.)


Your character seems to be quite the troublemaker lol. Spears pointed at her in one pic, a gun barrel in her face in the next…


It always sounds a bit bitter, but D1 had much nicer armour sets :frowning:

And Warlocks seem to have gotten the short end of the stick in D2 armour wise. Mine is wearing a rare chestpiece (Farseeker’s Intuition) which is IMO much nicer than any legendary piece .

Agree with the Exo though; my hunter is a subtle nod to NGE Eva 2


The braces also, I don’t think that’s how they are meant to work …



Personally I’m a huge fan of the chicken.


has yet to meet a situation that couldn’t be solved by the judicious application of both trouble and 'tude


Been enjoying this good moth son in Fortnite


This joke has aged poorly but this character looks good




We are The Argo. [BattleTech]


Taking a break from Warframe a for a while, had enough Shootybang for a while, but I’m extremely happy with my Garuda look.


Bug & Cappuccino arriving at the Indigo Plateau.


Bought a used copy of Far Cry 5 last weekend and put together a cute deputy :slight_smile:


I am super duper back on my Dragon Age: Inquisition mood with my new Inquisitor and her gothy black lipstick.

Meanwhile, my low-level new Monster Hunter has a cape!


Hunting the Brotherhood with Nick

The president of the Saints Rows IV

My one-eyed Watcher from Pillars of Eternity 2

From the Skyrim mod Enderal


My wife and I came up with our first-ever Soul Calibur character together. She is an anime…pirate…blacksmith?..rabbit…woman who fights with a…sword whip? Her name is Irene. She is amazing.


BFV is here letting me shoot fascists as the most adorable butch!

The grey rectangle is the console I had to open to get the screenshots.