Show off your player characters! (Image Intensive)


Welcome to the gun show!

Some Red Mage

Some Samurai


theres not a whole lot of customization options in the Anthem demo (the javelin you start off with only has two choices for each part and i thought the default looked better every time) but i did get to make mine the trans pride flag colors so that ruled


Uhm this looks fucking rad!

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I didn’t intend for my shepard to look like this meat head from The Departed he just sort of came out that way in the character editor at one point and I just ran with it. I named him Jackoff because everyone just calls you Shepard anyway.


I have been very much at it lately. My two main Javelins from the demo:

And my new Ryder (I could not stay away now that MEA is Xbox One X enhanced).


Hopping back into Dark Souls 2 for the gazillionth time because I need my comfort food right now. Put my character creator skills to the test and made myself an Orc lady.

I think she turned out pretty handsome! I called her Jade, and I’ve a loose backstory in mind about her being the first and only Orc ever encountered in Drangleic, found at a young age and raised in secret by the royal guard. When she became impossible to hide, she joined the guard officially and quickly rose in the ranks.

Man, the Royal Soldier Set has got to be one of the best in the series. Perfect balance of Roman Centurion, Paladin and Anime Belts.


me and my husbands are building a house leave us alone



What do you think of him so far??

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I haven’t taken him out much! Right now he’s watching my house. He hates that, cause the boy wants to adventure. I’ll take him out eventually.


“I called… You…”

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WHELP, playing Skyrim got me wanting to do a run of Fallout 4.

Meet Carver.


I picked up God Eater 3, and this game is gay as fuck. Turns out it’s not made by the original devs, but made by MARVELOUS, who I’m not certain have ever made anything that wasn’t horny. Much of that is being channeled into dudes this time, and it’s great.

Here’s my catboy.
Name: Twink.
Codename: Thirst.
Callsign(which they let you build out of a buncha random words): Boy’s Love.

He’s a prisoner in a fascist society and hangs out with the other gay prisoners who are all very much into leather and bondage.

We broke out and now live on a lesbian’s giant truck and get a cut of profits on cargo transit. A sweet gig.

nobody can just stand up straight in this game, it’s got S curves for days.

anyway, try GE3 out, it’s actually good this time!


that daemon x machina demo came out today and im very predictable



A hint of Boba Fett in my AnthemJavelin’s colors. Beat-up metal all the way around. Dude puts in work.


So, I recently went back and played all the way through Halo: Reach again for… reasons. Anyways, here’s my Noble 6! I still haven’t unlocked all of the armour bits - and now I almost certainly never will, since Reach multiplayer’s dead and the MCC version probably won’t have full armour customisation anyways - but I’m still generally really happy with the way she turned out!

I just… Ugh… I love Halo.


more like Stylin’ of Thieves, am I right?


This is a goddam look.

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Thanks largely to Waypoint I have decided to try Dragon’s Dogma now that it’s on the Switch, and…I love it? Anyway, here is my Arisen, Lola, and her current party (her primary pawn is the pink-haired mage, Wynona, who I turned the character creator over to my wife to create, with two pawns I downloaded from randos).

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