Show off your player characters! (Image Intensive)

oh dang I seem to have found my way into FFXIV

I’ve never done an MMO before soooo I’m kind of overwhelmed and don’t know anybody but at least I’m cute


It’s been months since I’ve actually played any Elite: Dangerous, but it’s only been a couple weeks since I thought about how cute my character is (and how much I appreciate the makeup options not being gender limited).

Then when I started Battletech I noticed some similar makeup options so I sorta remade them from memory for my commander (their callsign is Lima Echo, which comes from how stations in Elite will address you by the first three letters of your username in NATO phonetic alphabet).


This isn’t actually video games but feels in the spirit of the thread: whenever I make a D&D character I’ll design them in Hero Forge. I haven’t ordered any minis because almost all my play is online, but it’s really great for getting a visual of a character, and surprisingly good at being evocative of personality with fairly simple tools. Here’s a collection:

Stiv (half-orc ranger)

Lyndis (wood elf monk)

Mikhail (dwarf fighter)

Perch (full name: Twenty-Two Brown Birds Perched on Granite) (tabaxi warlock)

Prying (tiefling wizard)

Devarr (dragonborn barbarian)


These are so cool. I’d love something like this but for cyberpunk table top games.

There’s actually a fair amount of modern/cyberpunk clothes and items options. Not nearly as much as the fantasy stuff, but still worth checking out for making cyberpunk characters.

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Well there went my productivity for the evening.

I made a rabbit mage.

And an adorably cavalier dragon ninja.


Here’s my Arisen for the Switch version of Dragon’s Dogma, I tried to recreate my DA2 character.


I started playing God Eater 3. Here’s my cool anime lady so far.


I’ve started playing FFXIV, say hello to Violet Dahlia:


If you can believe it we had a whole squad dressed like this, it was dope as hell.


I totally made my cyberpunk hacker/activist char, m0rr1g4n, in it! She’s not exactly how I imagine her - think, like, neon KDA Akali for the colour scheme, plus she should really have a box cap instead of those goggles, and a different shirt - but they really do have a lot of non-fantasy stuff to play around with.


This is my good hunter, Claere. The concept for this look is she’s a Vileblood who wears the helmet of an Executioner who tried to come for her.


I too fell victim to hero forge:

I call him Boom Fox and I refuse to think about that name fort more than a few seconds at a time lest the implications over take me


An update:



Mike Reed here was randomly generated with the seen hair, face mask, the sunglasses under the mask, and that leather jacket. I just fixed up the arms and lower half to make it look more uniform.

He also came with quite the bio thanks to this mod which paints him as sort of a Rorschach type character which works quite well with his given look.

His best friend is Stacy Spencer who is 100% randomly generated and needed 0 alterations because I don’t think I could really improve upon it.

Her background paints her as a former propaganda journalist for ADVENT who turned traitor after witnessing what they were actually doing and having to write cover up stories for everything (think those voice lines that the news caster does after a mission ends).

Her former job is definitely what makes the two friends because she knows what BS ADVENT is capable of putting out and how to spot it. They for sure have corkboards covered in string and photos.


FFXIV has also inspired me to branch out ever so slightly into MMO waters and indulge my ridiculously huge Star Trek nerd self by starting a character in Star Trek Online.

Yes, it’s a janky 10-year-old MMO, but dang it, I can wander around Spacedock and dance at a Space Club so that’s really all I want.

(And it really, really cements in my mind how much I crave a big single-player Mass Effect-y Star Trek RPG, the lack of existence of which is still utterly baffling to me.)


Hey, what’s the Waypoint rule on the first of those big Warframe spoilers? Because my Tenno looks good.


The new trailer/intro should(?) be the end of spoiler culture, since its right there. I’ve never really done much because hair looks so janky on console, but yours sure looks good :+1:

i think if youre completely new to warframe that cinematic intro is vague enough to keep the spoiler unspoiled. like from a vets perspective theres so many great nods but i think completely fresh eyes wouldnt quite twig onto what was happening. it would be a real shame to stop keeping that secret now, because if you do go in knowing nothing its one of the coolest reveals in games right now.


yo i didn’t even know you could have a face in warframe. I’ve been meaning to get back in to it, maybe after MHW summer fest. I only put maybe 10 hours in to it back in the winter.