Show off your player characters! (Image Intensive)

FFXIV gives me way too much power and that’s why I can’t stop playing.


Apparently I need to play this game, that’s such a strong look!

EDIT: Every FFXIV character here looks incredible holy shit


Been making black mage glamours.

She’s thinkin magical thoughts.


It takes a while to get there but if you like fashion and character personalization FF14 has what you want in spades.

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the 1-50 levelling gear is a rite of passage for all ffxiv players


I ended up finding a couple looks that were okay through 1 - 50 but most of the gear there really and truely is awful. Wasn’t till Heavensward when I got that awesome big coat that I felt like non-glamoured gear was good.

its kinda the same story in monster hunter, a lot of the access to layered (cosmetic only) armour is locked behind arch-tempered monsters and harder high rank event quests you’re looking at around 100+ hours before you’re getting there. luckily armour skills in the first half of the base game don’t matter too much. monster hunter fashion will be the end of me.

I am determined to push the “large warrior catman” aesthetic to its absolute limits.


First playthrough. I’ve gotten this excellent small wizard killed a lot.

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