Show off your player characters! (Image Intensive)


I adore the character creation in Dragon’s Dogma.


Here’s my Inquisitor, looking good for the Trespasser reunion:


bout the only one i care about. it’s TRASH GUTS, dashing heroine, enthusiastic dragoon, your big strong friend. ha ha!


My old character from Guild Wars 2:

I loved all the animations for Sylvari in GW2.

And my old Wildstar char in one of various outfits:

And with a formal hat, for special occasions:

While looking for profile pics I’d forgotten how many screenshots I had of various adventures (advenchas) in GW2 and Wildstar. I always liked being able to reach weird areas and areas probably not meant to be accessible.


Gonny dig out my record of vanilla Dark Souls 2 characters since I have so many and I love them all. Get ready for some FASHION SOULS and also some spoilers for locations and/or scenes, I guess. Nothing you couldn’t handle I suppose.

Mucho Images

Karla, my first character. I got duped by the coffin and came out all the better for it:

The legendary Captain Drangleic. Talked about this majestic fucker in the username meaning thread. Got a few good shots of him:

(I like my steam screenshot description for this. “IT ATE MY CLOTHES OK. JOKES ON IT, MY BONER APPROVED”)

My attempt at recreating Stiyl Magnus from A Certain Magical Index:

Dr Carter, resident Fisticuffs and Claws expert, often at the same time. One of the most handsome fuckers I’ve ever made. You should see this guy in the floral skirt from the first DLC:

Forgot this gal’s name, but she was awesome. Only used broken-styled equipment, so powerstanced broken straight sword and thief dagger. She was a BEAST against players, attacks cost basically no stamina and she stun locked for days. A legend:

Her in a different getup, that I think I prefer. I took the helmet off for cutscenes, but she usually wore the better version of that Gyrm helm.

Murakumo. You can probably guess her weapon of choice. I made her for the limited edition Black Murakumo they had to promo the first DLC, ended up speedrunning the game so I could get her to NG+ and powerstance two of the fuckers. She kicked arse:

Astrid Bones, Archaeologist Extraordinaire. Except for that skull she uses as a weapon:

Hans Richter. Messing around with the character creator I found that from the starting face, if you pressed randomise, backed out, then randomise again, one of the options was INSANELY handsome, sans an unusually large nose. A few tweaks later and Hans was too handsome to be contained with clothing, so I did a Nude run. A glorious sight to behold:

And finally, a few more cosplay faces I never finished full runs with, which may or may not be shit.

Jigoro Hakamichi from Katawa Shoujo:

Omniknight from DotA 2:

And an ABYSMAL Phantom Lancer, also from DotA:

I’ve played DS2 at least 40 times, so way more character than these, but I didn’t get pics of all of them. I’ll have to get some shots of my DS3 characters once I get back to it, same with Bloodborne(I got some belters on that).


Here are some of my different Swtor characters over time:

Saints Row IV:


Guild Wars 2:

Most of my favourite characters are kind of a pain to get pictures of. My favourites are my Dragon’s Dogma Arisen & Pawn, but they’re in the 360 version.


Wait, are there body sliders in that game? All games with CCs should have those.


Dragon’s Dogma has basically no sliders, and where it does they’re done in a few select increments rather than “1-100” or whatever. It just has adjustable settings for an insane number of things and it has a shit-ton of brilliant pre-sets for each part. It’s genuinely the best character creator in any game ever.

I should get some good shots of my Dragon’s Dogma characters at some point. And also play Dragon’s Dogma again.


It took me like 20 minutes to find my Baldur’s Gate disk just so I could do this.



Anyone else express a character arc through otherwise character-less video game characters through changing their clothes as the game goes on? Cause up until recently my character in The Secret World looked like this:

But loosened up in light of the crazed world around her and now is:

And then there’s all the outfits I put too much time into choosing for various locales.

Also it’s so weirdly appropriate and just plain strange that TSW puts its Illuminati headquarters in the same DUMBO warehouse as the Brooklyn safehouse in The Division.

Which of course leads me to posting my characters from The Division.

Each with their own elaborate headcanon, some of which crossover into The Secret World because TSW is so good it makes The Division bearable. And do note how the last two are wearing more civilian clothes even though I have all my clothing options for them. Again, narrative and character arc through progressively changing clothes as I haven’t reached the end game with either of them.


Here’s some good pictures of my girl Vali, one of the three characters I use in every game, taken from Dragon’s Dogma because it’s what i was last playing and also where I developed her look.

enjoying the sunlight

in full Battle Regalia

yeah that’s how i feel about Mason too


I played Blade and Soul for a bit and that character creator let you do some things


Bayonetta 3 looks good.


i havent played XIV in a while but here’s an old pic of my Balmung character Cinnabon James


Meet Diamond Dog, my FFXIV character on Hyperion.


Old one, but there’s Rish, the Warrior Witch. From Dark Souls III.


necroing this to post my ancient (3 and a half to 4 years old now?) FFXIV character from my first server. my old FC is dissolving tonight so i logged back in for the farewell party


this is a good image


Aw, yeah. This is the best topic!

Meet Cryda Trevelyan, a young noblewoman from Ostwick (Free Marches) raised as a devout Andrastian. Y’know, the basic canon backstory for the human rogue Inquistor (besides the first name). I didn’t dig deep into creating a personality -I may even have minmaxed some things to acquire all of the agents to get to the best Inquisition perks- I just had gameplay goals, okay? That’s not entirely terrible.

The grips on those daggers are called Andraste’s Grasp. And that’s the sole reason I picked 'em!

This is from earlier in the game, during the hunt for all ten High Dragons.

Gottem! …Just barely.

That’s a pretty good smirk.